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October 15, 2007 10:01 ET

Coates International, Ltd.'s Impact on Global Environmental Problems

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ--(Marketwire - October 15, 2007) - Coates International, Ltd. (OTCBB: COTE)

--  Global Warming
--  Dwindling Fossil Fuels
--  Dangerous and Harmful Air Pollution
--  High Oil Prices
--  Our dependency on imported foreign oil

Everybody is talking about these serious problems we are all encountering worldwide and the more harmful pollutions we pump out into our atmosphere, the worse these problems become. (Here, at Coates, we are actually doing something about it!)

The world's transportation and mobility is mostly dependent on the internal combustion engine and, to a high percentage, electric power generation. These are the main culprits for most of the above and more.

There are approximately 86 million barrels of oil pumped out of the earth every single day. It is then refined and distributed all over the world, put into cars, trucks, busses, boats, etc., and then pumped out of their exhausts directly into our atmosphere. (Into the air that we breathe at ground level.)

Even our car engines have air filters on the air intake. People do not; we inhale this dangerous pollution straight into our lungs. Over 100,000 people die in the USA every year from heart and lung diseases and over 5,000,000 people suffer from lung infections, as a direct result of the air pollution that we create. Included are (small particles) CO, HC, NOX, and more.

Looking at all of the above from an outside point of view, it would appear to be a form of insanity to continue this rush towards self-destruction. We are responsible for all of this mess! It took us 100 years to create. And knowing what the results will be, we continue the madness.

--  Global Warming
--  Extreme, Dangerous and Unstable Weather Patterns
--  Causing Mass Death and Devastation to Coastal Communities Around the
--  Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Floods and more
--  Poisoning of Lakes, Streams, Rivers, and Seas
--  Poisoning Plant Life, Trees, Forests, and the Food we eat

Here at Coates International, Ltd. we have been researching ways to reduce the harmful pollutions from combustion engines and electric power generation systems by reducing fossil fuel consumption and using alternative fuels.

We found that the Poppet Valve Combustion Engine is approximately 22 to 24% efficient. This means you only get 24 cents of drivability out of every dollar you put into your car's fuel tank, the rest is lost through heat, friction and pumping. In other words, it takes 76% of the fuel to make your engine work. From this you will realize over 70% of the world's fuel is just wasted or lost. The thermal efficiency of the combustion engines is extremely low.

To remedy some of the problems, Coates has eliminated the Poppet Valve, springs, camshafts, pushrods, and engine oil from the head of the internal combustion engine. By replacing all of these moving parts with only two moving parts, we have developed the revolutionary C.S.R.V. Engine.

--  The Coates Spherical Rotary Valve Combustion Engine.
--  It uses no engine oil in the C.S.R.V. Valve System.
--  Reduces oil consumption.
--  Reduces harmful pollution.
--  Lowers fuel consumption.
--  And runs on alternative fuels.
--  Estimated savings if the C.S.R.V. Engine was utilized on only
    registered vehicles in the USA:  Savings would exceed $30,240,000,000
--  Management believes this would reduce our dependency on imported
    foreign oil.
--  There are many more advantages with the C.S.R.V. Combustion Engine.
--  Tests on a number of different sized C.S.R.V. Engines over the testing
    and R&D periods have produced the following results.

Some C.S.R.V. Engine Tests:

Independent testing on our C.S.R.V. Electric Power Generator has consistently shown a 25 to 27% fuel savings.

This Coates Spherical Rotary Valve Industrial Electric Power Generator meets the standards for the Western Hemisphere. The Company can now manufacture this product and sell, use or lease these generators through the territory of North and South America.

Our Gasoline Automobile Engines have been already tested and registered and used on the roads of the U.S.A. and Europe, with ultra low emissions, and 18% savings in fuel consumption.

Our Heavy Cruiser V Twin 1600 C.C. Motorcycle was tested over a year and achieved 47 miles to the gallon and produced 50% lower emissions than the standards. It also exceeded 137 M.P.H.

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