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August 19, 2010 15:26 ET

Colombia, Nicaragua DR Cities Top Nearshore Operating and Demographic Cost Ranking Released - Zagada Institute

MIAMI, FL and CORAL GABLES, FL--(Marketwire - August 19, 2010) - A new Nearshore operating and demographic cost ranking on the 13 key Central American, Colombian and Caribbean cities released by the Zagada Institute (ZI) today reveals that Cali, Santo Domingo and Medellin secured first, second and third places respectively from a best - cost perspective for BPO companies.

Zagada's city datasets principally focuses on accessing and simulating the costs associated with launching and running a contact center or BPO firm across all 13 cities.

The complete cost rankings are as follows:

  • #1 Cali, Colombia
  • #2 Medellin, Colombia
  • #3 Bogota, Colombia
  • #4 Managua, Nicaragua
  • #5 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • #6 Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica
  • #7 Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • #8 San Salvador, El Salvador
  • #9 Georgetown, Guyana
  • #10 Bridgetown, Barbados
  • #11 Greater Port of Spain, Trinidad
  • #12 Panama City, Panama
  • #13 San Jose, Costa Rica

While Colombian and some Central American markets have attractive cost structures they are significantly constrained by limited English-speaking (bilingual) talent density, different attrition rates and U.S cultural acuity levels. Consequently cost ought to be weighted in tandem with labor in any expansion decision. The top five rated markets in terms of sector ready talent are cities in: Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Locations with the lowest attrition rates are Managua, Nicaragua; Georgetown, Guyana; Medellin, Colombia. Zagada's Cultural Domain Acuity Model (CDAM™) score -which measures a market's cultural alignment with the U.S. gave its top rating to Jamaica, with Panama, Barbados and El Salvador tying for second place, while Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Costa Rican cities jointly secured the third highest CDAM score.

The datasets are available on a real-time ongoing subscription basis for one or multiple cities. Single city datasets are immediately available for purchase at at August 30th deadline discount pricing.

Key metadata delivered include costs on: hourly wages, base payroll, fringe benefits, electrical, rents, equipment, management travel, and telecommunication. Also included are, micro economic - city data, teledensities, talent density data specific to BPO sector, education graduate stock, incentives summaries, attrition rates, union presence score, and each city's U.S cultural acuity scores.

Non-exempt labor cost analysis datasets:

Total Workers
Weighted Average Hourly Earnings
Total Annual Base Payroll Costs
Fringe Benefits
Total Annual Nonexempt Labor Costs

Operating simulation cost datasets:

Weighted Average Hourly Earnings
Annual Base Payroll Costs
Fringe Benefits
Total Annual Labor Costs
Electric Power Costs
Annual Office Rent Costa
Equipment Amortization Costs
Management Travel Costs
Telecommunications Costs

Commenting on Zagada's push to provide these dynamic city - specific datasets to both corporate buyers, large consulting and advisory as well as economic development agencies, Zagada's CEO Philip Peters said,

"The new financial and economic climate demands a more efficient, fair and flexible pricing approach in delivering city-specific captive data to corporate buyers," says Peters. "Zagada wants to continue leading with decisioning tools."

Zagada datasets model for the complete 50 key Nearshore cities of Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Uruguay are schedule to come online during the month of September. Complete global subscription will be available in the last quarter 2010.

Corporate buyers, service provider companies and economic development agencies are invited to contact us on our special wholesale discount pricing offer, which runs until August 30th. Single city reports are immediately available for purchase at The complete dataset sample outline PDF can be downloaded at this link.

For more information please download our complete dataset sample outline in PDF, or reach us at 305 322 8156 or 305 529 9028. Please send subscription email enquiries to To purchase datasets on your city of choice please visit our estore at

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