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Comaplex Minerals Corp.

August 25, 2008 23:59 ET

Comaplex Provides an Update on the 2008 Meliadine West Exploration Program

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Aug. 25, 2008) -


Comaplex Minerals Corp. (TSX:CMF) is pleased to provide an update on the 2008 surface drilling and underground exploration programs on the Meliadine gold property near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Territory, Canada. The Meliadine West property is owned 78% by Comaplex and 22% by Meliadine Resources Ltd. (a private company owned 100% by Resource Capital Fund III L.P. of Denver), with Comaplex having an option to increase to 80% at any time.

Underground Bulk Sampling Program

The underground bulk sampling program on the Tiriganiaq deposit has made good progress and is expected to be completed at the end of August. The underground exploration and bulk sampling program was designed to access and expose two of the dominant gold bearing zones in the Tiriganiaq gold deposit. These two lodes are the iron formation hosted 1100 lode and the quartz shear hosted 1000 lode. Results to date compare well with expectations based on surface drilling completed prior to embarking on the underground program.

Mining of the 1100 lode is complete. Three 20 meter raises were completed in the 1100 lode gold mineralization to test gold grade continuity in the third dimension. Two cross-cuts from the 1100 lode to an unmineralized portion of the 1000 lode were excavated to acquire additional information on thin gold bearing units between the two main lodes.

The 1100 lode has now been exposed for 162 meters at a depth of 70 meters below surface, with the lode having near-constant widths of more than four to six meters, a dip of 60 degrees, well defined contacts on the hanging wall and footwall, and good ground conditions for mining. All of the material mined in the bulk sampling program, including any dilution (estimated at 20-25%) adjacent to the 1100 lode, has been crushed and put through a sampling plant designed for the Meliadine project. A total of 9200 tonnes on the one level has been processed for the 1100 lode. The average diluted gold grade for the first 23 meters in the eastern part of the excavation (rounds 8E to 2W) was 4.0 grams per tonne (g/t). This portion of the deposit was identified as an area of low-grade gold mineralization from drilling (see Figure 2 The average diluted gold grade of the next 139 meters (rounds 3W to 85W) was 7.4 g/t, with the heading stopped while still in continuing strong mineralization, thus confirming a principal feature of the Tiriganiaq deposit of having good continuity of good grade mineralization over long distances. This level of the deposit will likely be developed by open pit mining methods.

No significant geotechnical issues have been observed on the 1100 development. Initial indications from the three raises driven up from this level suggest that the 1100 lode may be amenable to lower cost, long-hole mining methods at the deeper levels.

The underground program is continuing with the next objective to complete the bulk sample from the quartz vein hosted 1000 lode, which is expected to have less width and higher grade than the 1100 lode. The sampling horizon for the 1000 lode is 120 meters below surface.

Assaying of all samples from the program has been done by SGS Lakefield. A report on the bulk sampling program will be compiled with the assistance of Strathcona Mineral Services Limited and released on SEDAR when the program is completed.

Comaplex is pleased with the results to date. "Run of mine" underground samples from each of the lodes have been taken for further feasibility level metallurgical and mineralogical work. Detailed geotechnical mapping and analysis of the decline and drifts by a third party consulting company is also underway and will be completed in the next few weeks.

Scoping Study

During the past month, Comaplex engaged the services of a different independent engineering firm. The external, third party Scoping Study (Preliminary Economic Assessment) on the Meliadine project is now on schedule to be completed in October 2008. The previous firm encountered staffing problems that resulted in unacceptable delays in completing the assignment. This final document will be NI43-101 compliant.

2008 Drill Program

The surface diamond drilling program on the Tiriganiaq deposit is well advanced with a total of over 16,665 meters in 53 holes completed to date. Of this amount, 2014 meters in 19 holes were completed on the F Zone target and 313 meters in four holes were completed on the Noel Occurrence, an exploration target located six kilometers along strike to the east of the Tiriganiaq deposit. A total of 14,337 meters in 30 holes has been completed on the Tiriganiaq gold deposit. The balance of the 2008 drilling will concentrate on the Tiriganiaq deposit. Three drills are active with a 2008 target of 22,000-25000 meters of drilling for completion in mid to late September.

The 2008 drill program is predominantly an infill program to upgrade resource status and increase understanding in the Western Deeps portion of the Tiriganiaq gold deposit at depths of 375 to 450 meters below surface (See Figure 1 for approximate hole locations Results to date continue to indicate that significant gold mineralization is present in multiple lodes in the Western Deep area of the deposit.

Drill testing to determine the open pit potential of three shallow targets in the F zone, located four kilometers southwest of the Tiriganiaq deposit, was also completed. Results have been received for only one of the nineteen F Zone holes at this time (DDH 08-729). The hole returned good open pit level grades of 9.1 g/t gold over 6.6 meters and 5.6 g/t gold over 6.5 meters.

Assay results from the first five holes drilled in the Western Deeps area of the deposit were released in press release 08-10 dated July 10, 2008. Detailed drill results for an additional six drill holes are attached to this release. Highlights from the recent Western Deeps holes include:

14.9 g/t gold over 17.3 meters in hole M08-725W1
and: 9.8 g/t gold over 3.5 meters
18.0 g/t gold over 5.8 meters in hole M08-726
and: 12.9 g/t gold over 2.8 meters
10.6 g/t gold over 3.8 meters in hole M08-727
and: 21.0 g/t gold over 2.4 meters
and: 23.5 g/t gold over 12.8 meters
including: 75.6 g/t gold over 3.5 meters

A significant number of samples from the completed drill holes are presently in the lab for analysis. Assays will be released as received.

Meliadine East Exploration Program

Drilling is progressing on the Meliadine East exploration program located immediately east and on strike with the Meliadine West property (Comaplex 50%, Meliadine Resources Ltd 50% and operator). To date, a total of 3000 meters in 14 holes have been completed out of a planned 4000 meter program. To date, no assay results have been received from the operator. The drill program is expected to continue into early September. Assay results will be made public as they are received.

Doug Dumka, P.Geo. is the Chief Geologist for Comaplex Minerals and is the Senior Project Geologist and designated Qualified Person (Q.P.) for the Meliadine West Project. Mr. Dumka supervised drill hole planning, implementation and quality control/quality assurance programs at the Meliadine West project for 2008.

Strathcona Mineral Services Limited is assisting Comaplex in the setup, implementation, and review of the underground bulk sampling program, including this press release. The bulk sampling process produces two parallel samples of approximately 25 kilograms for each drift round. SGS Lakefield uses a screened metallics assay protocol on 2000-gram sub-samples, screening at 150 mesh (106 microns). The two parallel field samples from each drift round are assayed separately. Possible contamination is checked by the insertion of field blanks. The precision of the entire field sampling and assaying processes is monitored by the periodic re-sampling of the rejects of entire drift rounds through the sampling plant. Variances between the two sub-samples of each round and between the round repeats are within the range of the predicted sample error, with no bias. SGS Lakefield conducts lab-internal quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) with the insertion of certified reference standards and blanks. Results to date are acceptable.

Drill core analysis is performed on cut, half NQ core with standard fire assay procedures and a gravimetric finish (2 assay ton, 1000 gram pulp). QA/QC programs employ the insertion of external standards (low to high grade Au), blanks, and core duplicates every 20 samples. All assaying was completed by TSL Laboratories Ltd. based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. TSL completes its own internal QA/QC by inserting a standard, blank, pulp duplicate, and coarse reject duplicate in every batch of 20 analyses. QA/QC compliance was rigorously checked on a continuous basis during the exploration program.

Meterage provided is measured down hole and intersection widths are interpreted to be approximately 80% of true width.

The TSX has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the
adequacy or accuracy of this release. Not for distribution to United
States newswire services or dissemination in the United States.

Meliadine West Property - Comaplex Press Release 08-13 August 25, 2008
Cut to
60 gmt Au
weigh. weigh.
aver. aver.
hole(No.) area lode meterage (gmt Au/m) (gmt Au/m)
--------- ---- ---- -------- ---------- ----------
M08-724 Tiriganiaq 1255 429.3-431.9 3.8/2.6m
- West Deeps
1255 434.4-435.3 7.1/0.9m
1255 445.1-446.6 7.5/1.5m
M08-725W1 Tiriganiaq 1255 393.7-396.3 8.6/2.6m
- West Deeps
incl. 393.7-394.55 20.3/1.0m
1252 408.2-425.5 14.9/17.3m 13.9/17.3m
1251 435.8-437.5 8.5/1.7m
incl. 437.0-437.5 25.6/0.5m
1015 500.0-501.8 10.6/1.8m
1000 528.5-532.0 9.8/3.5m
M08-726 Tiriganiaq 1255 412.2-418.0 18.0/5.8m 17.9/5.8m
- West Deeps
M08-727 Tiriganiaq 1255 425.8-429.56 10.6/3.8m
- West Deeps
1153 456.1-459.2 7.2/3.1m
1152 470.6-473.0 21.0/2.4m
1000 517.2-523.0 23.5/12.8m 8.4/12.8m
incl. 517.75-521.25 75.6/3.5m 20.6/3.5m
M08-728 Tiriganiaq 1015? 531.15-531.7 11.0/0.5m
- West Deeps
1000 546.65-549.75 4.0/3.1m
M08-729 F Zone (near 90.8-97.4 9.1/6.6m
surface ore)
108.55-115.0 5.6/6.5m

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