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Comaplex Minerals Corp.

June 15, 2009 23:59 ET

Comaplex Provides an Update on the Meliadine West Exploration Program

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 15, 2009) -


Comaplex Minerals Corp. (TSX:CMF) is pleased to provide the first update on the 2009 exploration program on the Meliadine West gold property near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Territory, Canada. The property is owned 78% by Comaplex and 22% by Meliadine Resources Ltd. (a private company owned 100% by Resource Capital Fund III L.P. of Denver), with Comaplex having an option to increase to 80%.

Comaplex's goal in 2009 is to advance the Meliadine property to a level that will support initiation of a Feasibility Study as soon as possible. This will require additional surface drilling of the various gold deposits on the property, rapid advancement of geotechnical, geochemical, and environmental studies to feasibility levels, and advanced engineering of the open pit and underground components.

2009 Drill Program

A total of 20,000 meters of surface diamond drilling is planned for the 2009 field season. Drilling commenced in early April with three drills and will continue into September. The drill program will target new resources in the Tiriganiaq gold deposit (both up and down plunge of existing resources in the Western Deeps part of the deposit) as well as infill drilling as required. Upgrading of open pit resources in the F Zone deposit is also being done. About 2000 meters is being allocated to reconnaissance drill holes on the western end of the property (~7 kilometers west, along strike, of the Tiriganiaq deposit) to ascertain the source of high grade gold bearing boulders in the area. Significant geotechnical drilling is also planned for this year.

A total of 7500 meters (29 holes) have been completed to date on the Meliadine West property in 2009, of which twelve holes were completed in the Tiriganiaq deposit, 12 were completed into the F Zone deposit, and five were geotech holes. Lab results have been received for 6 of the holes and are detailed in this release. Three holes were completed in the central part of the deposit to confirm geological interpretations (holes M09-788, 789 and 790). Drill holes M09-787, 791 and 792 were completed up or down plunge of current resource blocks in the Western Deeps portion of the Tiriganiaq deposit. Holes M09-791 and 792 are 100 meter and 40 meter step-outs from known 1250 lode gold mineralization at depths of 370 and 490 meters below surface, respectively (see attached figure for approximate hole locations) (see Figure 1 The results continue to confirm that significant gold mineralization is present in multiple lodes in the Western Deeps.

Detailed drill results on the holes are attached to this release. Highlights include:

15.7 gmt gold over 3.6 meters in hole M09-787
48.9 gmt gold over 4.0 meters in hole M09-788
and: 119.0 gmt gold over 0.9 meters
13.7 gmt gold over 2.7 meters in hole M09-791
and: 28.0 gmt gold over 3.5 meters
21.1 gmt gold over 8.8 meters in hole M09-792
and: 12.9 gmt gold over 6.3 meters
and: 27.5 gmt gold over 1.8 meters

Additional lab results are expected throughout the summer as drilling continues and these results will be released as they are received and verified.

Interim Studies

Comaplex and its partner have engaged several third party groups to upgrade and complete detailed studies on the geotechnical, geochemical, and environmental aspects of the project. These studies will be completed on all three deposits (Tiriganiaq, F Zone, and Discovery), the mill, tailings, camp, and all related infrastructure both at site and in Rankin Inlet. In-house and third party engineering study are also underway to upgrade, and in some cases, redefine the underground and open pit components of the project. This work will advance understanding of critical aspects of the project to the feasibility level for inclusion into both a Feasibility Study and into the regulatory documentation.

Regulatory Advancement

In early May, Comaplex met with representatives of 19 different federal and territorial regulatory groups that will be involved in the permitting process of the proposed gold mine on the Meliadine property. This informal gathering, called the Mineral Development Advisory Group (MDAG), provides an opportunity for the regulators to be informed about the Meliadine proposal at a preliminary stage, while providing Comaplex early non-binding feedback on the project from this group.

Comaplex is currently working on the compilation of a Preliminary Project Description (PPD) for the regulators. Filing of this document with the government is the first major step in permitting the Meliadine gold project. Several of the detailed studies currently underway will need to be completed for inclusion into the PPD.


Doug Dumka, P.Geo. is the Chief Geologist for Comaplex Minerals and is the Senior Project Geologist and designated Qualified Person (Q.P.) for the Meliadine West Project. Mr. Dumka will be supervising drill hole planning, implementation and quality control/quality assurance programs at the Meliadine West project for 2009.

Drill core analysis is performed on cut, half NQ core with standard fire assay procedures and a gravimetric finish (2 assay ton, 1000 gram pulp). QA/QC programs employ the insertion of external standards (low to high grade Au), blanks, and core duplicates every 20 samples. All assaying was completed by TSL Laboratories Ltd. based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. TSL completes its own internal QA/QC by inserting a standard, blank, pulp duplicate, and coarse reject duplicate in every batch of 20 analyses. QA/QC compliance was rigorously checked on a continuous basis during the exploration program.

Meterage provided is measured down hole and intersection widths are interpreted to be approximately 80% of true width.

The TSX has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the
adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Meliadine West Property - Comaplex Press Release 09 - 09
Cut to
60 gmt Au
weigh. aver. weigh. aver.
hole No. area lode meterage (gmt Au/m) (gmt Au/m)
-------- ---- ---- -------- ------------- -------------
M09-787 Tiriganiaq 1255 446.75-450.3 15.7/3.6m
- West Deeps
M09-788 Tiriganiaq 1000 127.95-131.95 48.9/4.0m 47.6/4.0m(*)
- infill 900 139.3-140.2 119.0/0.9m 100.0/0.9m(*)
M09-789 Tiriganiaq 1000 272.3-276.55 3.0/4.3m
- infill
M09-790 Tiriganiaq 1000 175.2-179.97 5.9/4.8m
- infill
M09-791 Tiriganiaq 1255 466.0-468.7 13.7/2.7m
- West Deeps 1255 474.2-476.15 11.7/1.9m
1100 524.95-528.5 28.0/3.5m 19.9/3.5m
1015 534.0-537.0 6.3/3.0m
M09-792 Tiriganiaq 1253 352.45-356.5 6.2/4.1m
- West Deeps 1255 381.0-389.8 21.1/8.8m 17.9/8.8m
1255 398.9-405.2 12.9/6.3m
1255 409.5-411.2 6.5/1.7m
1050 483.05-484.8 27.5/1.8m 24.2/1.8m
1015 505.05-506.95 5.2/1.9m

(*) cut to 100 gmt Au in 1000 and 900 lodes.

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