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May 24, 2007 23:59 ET

Comaplex Provides an Update on the Meliadine West Exploration Program

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - May 24, 2007) -


Comaplex Minerals Corp. (TSX:CMF) is pleased to provide drill and diamond results from the 2007 exploration program on the Meliadine West gold property near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Territory, Canada. The property is owned 78% by Comaplex and 22% by Resource Capital Fund III L.P., with Comaplex having an option to increase to 80%.

The 2007 exploration season on the Meliadine West gold project commenced in March. The objective of the drill program this season is to increase the drill density in the Tiriganiaq deposit below the -200 meter level and move inferred resources into the indicated category and to potentially increase the overall resource number. A total of 18,000 meters of drilling is planned for this season.

There are three drill rigs currently active on the property. For the spring season, two of the drill rigs tested targets on the east end of the Tiriganiaq deposit (potential eastern pit) and deeper targets (greater than 200 meters) in the area of the proposed portal. The third drill completed geotechnical drilling in the area of the proposed portal and at potential future sites for the waste dam, tailings, and mill site. SRK Consulting is contracted to do the geotechnical logging and install additional thermistors.

To date in 2007, a total of 7525 meters in 40 holes have been completed on the property. Of this amount, 14 drill holes (269 meters) were geotechnical holes. Assay results have been received for the first 10 holes. Of these 10 holes, 7 tested the potential eastern pit area of the Tiriganiaq deposit at shallow depths of less than 200 meters. The remaining three holes tested the 1100/1150 deeper targets, but two of these holes were lost before reaching the target depths due to set-up issues on the lake ice.

Detailed drill results on all holes are attached to this release. Highlights include:

13.1 gmt gold over 4.4 meters in hole M07-635
19.5 gmt gold over 1.7 meters in hole M07-637
25.7 gmt gold over 6.1 meters in hole M07-638
and: 22.7 gmt gold over 1.6 meters
and: 21.2 gmt gold over 2.1 meters
25.2 gmt gold over 4.7 meters in hole M07-642
and: 13.5 gmt gold over 3.0 meters
and: 9.3 gmt gold over 2.2 meters
and: 43.6 gmt gold over 0.6 meters
and: 37.4 gmt gold over 0.9 meters

As is usual for the Tiriganiaq deposit, multiple intersections are common in the 2007 drill-holes (multiple mineralized lodes). Comaplex will drill through spring breakup this year with all three drill rigs and we expect the drill program to continue until mid August.

Concurrent with the spring drill program, the 2.0 kilometer long all-season road between camp and the deposit was upgraded and extended to the proposed portal mouth. Pull-outs and pads for the explosive magazines were built off of the road. Additional tankage, fuel and supplies were mobilized to site over the winter months.

Proposed Underground Exploration Program

Comaplex is currently awaiting regulatory approvals for a proposed underground exploration and bulk sampling program on the Tiriganiaq deposit. Nuna Logistics of Edmonton will be the surface contractor for the portal excavation. All machinery required for the surface work has been mobilized to camp. Subject to permitting approvals, portal excavation is scheduled to begin in early August 2007 with an estimated completion date of September 15, 2007.

The underground contract is out to competitive tender and will be awarded very shortly. Subject to regulatory approvals and fine tuning, the underground contractor will mobilize equipment to Rankin in August by barge and shortly thereafter by heavy lift helicopter to site. Work on the decline is expected to commence approximately mid September and is anticipated to take approximately nine months.

Diamond Exploration on the Meliadine Property

Comaplex has received the laboratory results of 249 till samples that were taken on the eastern end of the Meliadine West property in 2006. Heavy mineral processing of the till samples was undertaken by Vancouver Indicator Processing of Vancouver and the resulting concentrates were sorted for potential kimberlite indicator minerals by Mineral Services Canada Inc. (MSC) of Vancouver. Of the 249 samples collected during 2006, a total of 192 samples returned potential diamond indicator results, with 6 samples returning in excess of 20 kimberlite garnets. Microprobe analysis of the recovered garnets was conducted by MSC and the Cr-Ca compositions of the garnets are presented in the attached Figure. To view details of 2006 Till Sampling Program please visit Significantly, the garnet dataset of 258 analyses included 76 subcalcic G10 varieties, of which 14 are classified as diamond associated (G10D) types. The G10D garnets were found in 9 different samples, including several which had concurrent high garnet counts.

Recent re-modeling of last year's ground magnetic surveys, in combination with the results of the 2006 till sampling program, indicate the presence of a number of possible kimberlite targets with high diamond potential. These targets will be followed up this summer through a combination of prospecting, sampling, and possible diamond drilling.

Recent developments on the adjacent Churchill diamond property (including bulk sampling of the diamondiferous dikes) are being closely monitored and the results assessed in the context of the recent data from the Meliadine West property. Diamond work by Comaplex on its ground will re-commence in early July. Comaplex owns 78% of these diamond properties with an option to increase to 80%.

During the summer exploration program, the Company will continue to release drill results on a timely basis and will continue to assess its options in advancing this project.


Doug Dumka, P.Geo. is the Chief Geologist for Comaplex Minerals and is the Senior Project Geologist and designated Qualified Person (Q.P.) for the Meliadine West Project. Mr. Dumka supervised drill hole planning, implementation and quality control/quality assurance programs at the Meliadine West project for 2007.

Drill core analysis is performed on cut, half NQ core with standard fire assay procedures and a gravimetric finish (2 assay ton, 1000 gram pulp). QA/QC programs employ the insertion of external standards (low to high grade Au), blanks, and core duplicates every 20 samples. All assaying was completed by TSL Laboratories Ltd. based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. TSL completes its own internal QA/QC by inserting a standard, blank, pulp duplicate, and coarse reject duplicate in every batch of 20 analyses. QA/QC compliance was rigorously checked on a continuous basis during the exploration program.

Meterage provided is measured down hole and intersection widths are interpreted to be approximately 80% of true width.

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adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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Meliadine West Property - Comaplex Press Release 07-08 May 24,

------------------------------------------------------ 2007
Cut to
60 gmt Au
weigh. weigh.
aver. aver.
hole No. area lode meterage (gmt Au/m) (gmt Au/m)
-------- ---- ---- -------- ---------- ----------
M07-635 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1025 152.0 - 156.4 13.1/4.4m
M07-636 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1251 128.6 - 129.1 23.5/0.5m
1155 143.4 - 144.1 10.4/0.7m
M07-637 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1154 118.5 - 120.2 19.5/1.7m
M07-638 Tiriganiaq
Deposit 1155 300.95 - 302.55 22.7/1.6m
1153 308.0 - 314.1 25.6/6.1m 19.2/6.1m
1100 322.9 - 325.0 21.2/2.1m 18.5/2.1m
1050 335.5 - 338.3 6.1/2.8m
M07-639 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1154 132.2 - 138.2 4.2/5.9m
M07-640 Tiriganiaq
Deposit hole lost
M07-641 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1025 184.1 - 184.63 32.8/0.5m
M07-642 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1155 114.1 - 117.1 13.5/3.0m
1154 123.1 - 127.8 25.2/4.7m 17.9/4.7m
1100 132.8 - 135.0 9.3/2.2m
1025 173.4 - 174.0 43.6/0.6m
1000 202.64 - 203.5 37.4/0.9m
M07-643 Tiriganiaq
Deposit hole lost
M07-644 Tiriganiaq
- east pit 1100 65.5 - 69.1 8.5/3.6m

%SEDAR: 00001166E

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