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December 08, 2008 23:59 ET

Comaplex Provides an Update to the 2008 Meliadine Exploration Programs

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 8, 2008) -


Comaplex Minerals Corp. (TSX:CMF) is pleased to provide the last of the diamond drilling results from the 2008 exploration program on the Meliadine gold property near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Territory, Canada. The Meliadine West property is owned 78% by Comaplex and 22% by Meliadine Resources Ltd. (a private company owned 100% by Resource Capital Fund III L.P. of Denver), with Comaplex having an option to increase to 80%.

2008 Meliadine West Drill Program

A total of 23,537 meters in 79 drill holes were completed in the 2008 drill program on the Meliadine West property. The bulk of the drilling, 21,200 meters in 56 holes, was completed on the Tiriganiaq gold deposit (including four geo-tech holes totaling 467 meters). A total of 2014 meters in 19 holes were completed on the F Zone satellite gold deposit and 313 meters in four holes on the Noel Occurrence.

Drilling results from the 2008 program have been released in three previous press releases (July 10, August 21, November 10). Assay results from the final 37 drill holes are detailed in this release. This includes 12 holes into the Western Deeps part of the Tiriganiaq deposit, 12 holes adjacent to the 1000 and 1100 underground drifts, and 5 holes testing for a western extension of the Tiriganiaq pit. A total of 4 reconnaissance drill holes were completed into the Noel Occurrence, a new exploration target located six kilometers along strike to the east of the Tiriganiaq deposit. Four geo-technical holes were also completed at various orientations in the Tiriganiaq pit to gather rock strength and other engineering parameters to assist in future pit and underground mine design.

The goal of the drilling in the Western Deeps of the Tiriganiaq deposit was to increase the drill density (resource status) in this part of the deposit. Holes infilling the 1250 series of lodes (holes 760, 767) were rewarded with good grades over wide widths (see Figure 1 As expected, holes testing the margins of the 1250 lodes (holes 759, 769, 771, 773, 776, 777, 780, 781), returned lower grades over narrower widths. These holes also confirmed the presence of an upper series of gold bearing lodes (the 1150 series) that can carry appreciable gold (e.g. hole 769). Highlights from the Western Deeps holes include:

17.9 g/t gold over 6.4 meters in hole M08-760
23.2 g/t gold over 6.8 meters in hole M08-767
31.8 g/t gold over 4.0 meters in hole M08-769

Multiple gold intersections are the norm in most of the deep holes. See Table 1 for details. The 2008 results will now be incorporated into a new Tiriganiaq resource estimation to be completed some time in late February 2009, but not in time for the Scoping Study now being compiled.

The 12 drill holes completed adjacent to the ore drifts on the 1100 and 1000 lodes in the deposit will assist in current and future reconciliation between the underground bulk sampling and drill results. Multiple intersections are common in each hole. Drill results were consistent with expectations. See Table 1 for details.

Considering the preliminary stage of exploration on the Noel Occurrence, the presence of 6.6 g/t gold over 3.1 meters in the first drill hole (Ant08-01) into the zone is encouraging. The zone is roughly located along the interpreted eastern on-strike extension of the shear system hosting the Tiriganiaq gold deposit (see Figure 3

Underground Exploration Program

Preliminary results from the underground exploration program at Tiriganiaq were previously released. Detailed review of the bulk sample results will be undertaken and reported by Strathcona Mineral Services Ltd. in an NI43-101 compatible report expected to be completed and released in early 2009.

Scoping Study

Work by Comaplex and external consultant, Micon International Limited, on the external Scoping Study (Preliminary Economic Assessment) on the Meliadine project is very well advanced and was due for release early in the fourth quarter. The economic events of the last 2 months have, however, resulted in a need to re-calculate the study from a cost perspective and will likely result in a significant positive impact on costs. The new realities of lower fuel, exchange rates, labor, and steel prices were considered worth the delay of incorporating some of these changes into the study. This is now being done. The NI43-101 compliant document is now scheduled to be released in January 2009.

Reconnaissance Work - Meliadine West Property

Regional reconnaissance prospecting and sampling was carried out in two areas of the Meliadine West property in 2008. A grab sample of mineralized quartz vein returned an assay of 190 g/t gold in an area located approximately 7 kilometers to the west of the Tiriganiaq gold deposit (see Figure 3 The area of the sample hosts a 1.5 kilometer wide concentration of high grade (greater than 10 gmt) gold boulders down-ice of structurally deformed iron formation considered to be the stratigraphic equivalent of the Tiriganiaq geology. The source of the float samples has yet to be determined. The area is being considered for an expanded surface program in 2009.

Meliadine East Exploration Program

The operator and 50% partner on the Meliadine East property (Meliadine Resources Ltd.) has recently provided Comaplex with drilling results from the 2008 summer exploration program. The drilling was completed in, and adjacent to, the Discovery gold deposit with the goal of expanding the resources in the deposit. The deposit is located 25 kilometers east of the Meliadine West property. A total of 3832 meters in 21 drill holes were completed. Drill results are available in Table 2 and hole locations are shown in Figure 2 Highlights include:

18.0 gmt gold over 4.6 meters in hole ML08-226
22.9 gmt gold over 4.9 meters in hole ML08-227
10.1 gmt gold over 3.9 meters in hole ML08-230
21.8 gmt gold over 3.6 meters in hole ML08-243

Environmental and metallurgical studies are also being completed on the Discovery deposit. A new resource estimate for the Discovery deposit will be completed by Meliadine Resources Ltd. in 2009. Timing is such that the external Scoping Study by Comaplex will not include the 2008 Discovery drilling results.


Comaplex is well financed to complete the studies currently underway on the project and with its cash flow and investments is well positioned for 2009 and subsequent years. Rapid advancement of the project towards production remains the primary objective.

Doug Dumka, P.Geo. is the Chief Geologist for Comaplex Minerals and is the Senior Project Geologist and designated Qualified Person (Q.P.) for the Meliadine West Project. Mr. Dumka supervised drill hole planning, implementation and quality control/quality assurance programs at the Meliadine West project for 2008. Mark Balog, P. Geol, is the Chief Operating Officer for Comaplex Minerals and is the designated Qualified Person (Q.P.) for the Meliadine East Project for the Company.

For the Meliadine West property, drill core analysis is performed on cut, half NQ core with standard fire assay procedures and a gravimetric finish (2 assay ton, 1000 gram pulp). QA/QC programs employ the insertion of external standards (low to high grade Au), blanks, and core duplicates every 20 samples. All assaying was completed by TSL Laboratories Ltd. based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. TSL completes its own internal QA/QC by inserting a standard, blank, pulp duplicate, and coarse reject duplicate in every batch of 20 analyses. QA/QC compliance was rigorously checked on a continuous basis during the exploration program.

Meterage provided is measured down hole and intersection widths are interpreted to be approximately 80% of true width.

The TSX has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the
adequacy or accuracy of this release.

For the Meliadine East Project, drill core analysis is performed on split, half NQ core. All samples are routinely processed by fire assay with AA finish for Au, along with 30 element ICP analysis for trace elements. Any samples which assay greater that 1 g/t Au are re-assayed by fire assay with gravimetric finish (1 assay ton, 250 gram pulp). QA/QC programs employ the insertion of one external standard (three Au grade levels - low, medium and high), 1 blank, and 1 core duplicate for every 22 samples. All assaying was completed by International Plasma Labs (IPL) Ltd. based in Vancouver, B.C. IPL completes its own internal QA/QC by inserting standards and blanks in the sample stream and routinely repeats the analysis of every 20th sample. QA/QC compliance was rigorously checked on a continuous basis during the exploration program.

Table 1: Meliadine West Property - Comaplex Press Release 08-16
Cut to
60 gmt Au
weigh. aver. weigh. aver.
hole No. area lode meterage (gmt Au/m) (gmt Au/m)
-------- ---- ---- -------- ------------- -------------
M08-758 Tiriganiaq hole lost
- West Deeps
M08-758A Tiriganiaq 1255 476.5-479.0 12.3/2.5m
- West Deeps 1000 560.25-562.75 7.3/2.5m
M08-759(X) Tiriganiaq upper IF
- West Deeps 85.1-86.8 4.5/1.7m
M08-760 Tiriganiaq 1253 479.6-486.0 17.9/6.4m 15.8/6.4m
- West Deeps 1253 492.6-493.3 10.5/0.7m
1255 524.4-526.0 5.5/1.6m
1075 567.4-568.5 9.0/1.1m
1015 580.8-583.9 7.0/3.1m
M08-761 West Pit 1100 104.6-106.8 13.1/2.2m
Extension 1075 109.9-110.95 4.7/1.1m
M08-762 Tiriganiaq hole lost
- West Deeps
M08-762A Tiriganiaq upper IF 151.85-153.85 9.0/2.0m
- West Deeps 1255 514.8-515.95 5.8/1.2m
1255 518.6-522.0 8.5/3.4m
1153 570.95-572.25 11.0/2.0m
1015 590.75-595.5 3.4/4.7m
1015 599.95-600.95 8.8/1.0m
M08-763 West Pit upper IF 89.3-90.3 8.1/1.0m
Extension 1100 101.85-102.9 9.2/1.1m
M08-764 West Pit
Extension 1100 123.4-124.0 7.2/0.6m
M08-765 West Pit
Extension 1100 110.8-111.35 8.8/0.6m
M08-766 West Pit NSV
M08-767 Tiriganiaq 1255 393.2-400.0 23.2/6.8m 18.7/6.8m
- West Deeps 1251 416.0-418.5 14.5/2.5m
1000 504.0-504.9 8.9/0.9m
M08-768 Pit Area 1100 78.75-80.9 4.3/2.2m
(1100 lode) 1050 104.25-109.2 4.6/5.0m
1000 122.45-125.0 3.3/2.6m
M08-769(X) Tiriganiaq 1153 392.0-396.0 31.8/4.0m 26.8/4.0m
- West Deeps 1152 412.6-413.5 9.3/0.9m
(1150) 1100 424.0-424.8 9.2/1.3m
1015 471.9-473.5 7.3/1.6m
1000 480.9-482.1 4.8/1.2m
M08-770 Pit Area 1100 117.8-119.35 5.5/1.5m
(1100 lode) 1050 121.4-124.8 12.1/3.4m
1025 133.55-136.6 13.3/3.1m
1000 140.65-141.95 3.5/1.3m
M08-771(X) Tiriganiaq 1251 363.0-363.5 11.1/0.5m
- West Deeps 1251 369.05-370.55 12.1/1.5m
(1150) 1154 371.3-373.0 6.0/1.7m
1153 382.25-387.9 6.9/5.6m
1152 399.3-401.9 13.9/2.6m
M08-772 Pit Area 1100 84.2-85.8 6.5/1.7m
(1100 lode) 1050 106.8-112.2 9.0/5.4m
1025 117.9-119.9 7.3/2.0m
1000 123.7-124.8 7.2/1.1m
M08-773(X) Tiriganiaq 1152 333.3-335.55 23.1/2.3m 22.8/2.3m
- West Deeps 1100 386.12-388.5 5.1/2.4m
(1150) 1100 392.05-392.6 8.5/0.6m
M08-774 Pit Area 1100 106.7-109.7 9.6/3.0m
(1100 lode) 1050 112.8-117.0 8.0/4.2m
1050 127.25-130.35 3.5/3.1m
1025 140.65-142.0 8.6/1.4m
1000 145.75-146.25 9.2/0.5m
M08-775A Pit Area 1100 83.85-88.8 5.5/5.0m
(1100 lode) 1075 93.9-96.25 10.0/2.4m
1025 116.5-119.85 9.3/3.3m
M08-776(X) Tiriganiaq 1154 349.7-350.7 13.9/1.0m
- West Deeps 1153 364.65-367.65 9.0/3.0m
M08-777(X) Tiriganiaq
- West Deeps NSV
M08-778 Pit Area 1100 108.9-113.9 12.5/5.1m
(1100 lode) 1050 128.4-132.9 7.6/4.5m
1000 146.0-147.6 8.9/1.4m
M08-779 Pit Area 1100 112.0-117.25 11.1/5.3m
(1100 lode) 1050 131.9-135.0 10.2/3.1m
1000 149.4-150.5 5.6/1.1m
M08-780(X) Tiriganiaq 1154 342.5-344.8 9.5/2.3m
- West Deeps 1153 347.7-349.3 5.8/1.6m
(1150) 1152 356.1-360.7 6.9/4.6m
1000 427.5-432.8 13.0/5.3m
M08-781(X) Tiriganiaq NSV
- West Deeps
M08-782 Pit Area 1100 80.15-83.4 6.9/3.3m
(1100 lode) 1050 99.8-100.7 7.7/0.9m
1000 115.05-123.85 8.6/8.8m
M08-783 Tiriganiaq 1100 90.0-90.6 13.2/0.6m
Infill 1000 153.1-155.6 18.1/2.5m
(1000 lode)
M08-784 Tiriganiaq 1000 118.45-120.85 28.4/2.4m 21.4/2.4m
(1000 lode)
M08-785 Tiriganiaq 1000 164.65-167.6 4.5/2.9m
(1000 lode)
M08-786 Tiriganiaq 1025 198.2-199.4 9.0/1.2m
Infill 1000 206.5-209.3 58.4/2.8m 38.7/2.8m
(1000 lode)
Ant 08-01 Recon - 11.2-14.25 6.6/3.1m
Noel Showing
Ant 08-02 Recon - NSV
Noel Showing
Ant 08-03 Recon - NSV
Noel Showing
Ant 08-04 Recon - NSV
Noel Showing
GT08-01 geotech - NSV
Tiriganiaq pit
GT08-02 geotech - 1025 61.83-63.63 17.5/1.8m
Tiriganiaq pit missing core
1000 80.35-86.45 8.8/6.1m for geotech
incl. 83.26-86.45 14.4/3.2m
GT08-03 geotech - NSV
Tiriganiaq pit
GT08-04 geotech - 1050 43.9-49.06 5.3/5.2m
Tiriganiaq pit missing core
1000 61.2-63.21 11.7/2.0m for geotech

(*) drillholes testing the margins of the 1250 lodes in the Western Deeps

Table 2: Meliadine East Property, Discovery Zone
- Comaplex Press Release 08-16
Cut to
60 gmt Au
weigh. aver. weigh. aver.
hole No. area lode meterage (gmt Au/m) (gmt Au/m)
-------- ---- ---- -------- ------------- -------------
M:08-225 Discovery 171.72-174.29 17.5/2.6m 7.8/2.6m
Zone incl. 173.19-173.5 140.8/0.3m
175.3-175.8 3.4/0.5m
181.0-181.6 8.4/0.6m
214.3-216.15 1.4/1.8m
ML08-226 Discovery 168.24-172.84 18.0/4.6m
ML08-227 Discovery 113.74-118.68 22.9/4.9m 19.3/4.9m
ML08-228 Discovery 125.0-125.59 6.2/0.6m
Zone 214.03-217.12 9.2/3.1m
219.8-220.6 10.1/0.8m
ML08-229 Discovery 236.84-237.32 6.7/0.5m
Zone 261.07-263.19 4.8/2.1m
264.62-264.95 7.9/0.3m
ML08-230 Discovery 242.45-246.39 10.1/3.9m
Zone 261.42-262 79 5.7/1.4m
266.65-268.55 9.2/1.9m
272.3-272.8 4.7/0.5m
ML08-231 Discovery 145.79-148.22 1.9/2.4m
ML08-232 Discovery NSV
ML08-233 Discovery 41.35-41.86 14.4/0.5m
Zone 83.0-85.25 2.1/2.2m
ML08-234 Discovery NSV
ML08-235 Discovery NSV
ML08-236 Discovery 34.67-36.4 13.8/1.7m
Zone 58.28-61.27 2.6/3.0m
ML08-237 Discovery 128.35-129.56 38.8/1.2m
ML08-238 Discovery 75.2/77.04 1.8/1.8m
Zone 118.78-121.74 6.3/3.0m
ML08-239 Discovery 36.3-37.22 20.3/0.9m
ML08-240 Discovery 49.23-51.0 3.8/1.8m
ML08-241 Discovery NSV
ML08-242 Discovery 62.46-63.7 6.6/1.2m
Zone 72.27-74.04 2.6/1.8m
76.46-77.49 5.1/1.0m
ML08-244 Discovery 99.0-107.93 2.6/8.9m
ML08-243 Discovery 199.77-203.37 21.8/3.6m 20.7/3.6m

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