ComplyWorks Ltd.

ComplyWorks Ltd.

January 15, 2010 13:04 ET

ComplyWorks Ltd. Partners With CanQual Inc. to Deliver a Practical and Professional Safety Verification Process.

CQbase EvaluationTM will be available through in February 2010.

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Jan. 15, 2010) - ComplyWorks Ltd. are pleased to announce a service agreement with CanQual Inc. to deliver the CanQual CQbase Evaluation across the ComplyWorks' membership base.

"With companies facing increasing industry and government regulations, relevant compliance monitoring is critical to help companies improve safety performance in the field. The availability of the CQbase Evaluation administered by Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP) is a far more practical, professional and effective review and approval process than the desktop review service provided by non-certified workers currently being offered in the marketplace. This combined offering will significantly reduce costs for Employers and Contracting Companies and enable the submitting companies to extend their safety management process to include direct feedback loops and continuous performance improvement with the actual Safety Professionals who completed the verification." says Cal Fairbanks, President and CEO of ComplyWorks Ltd.

The CQbase Evaluation is administered by qualified health and safety professionals, extending the existing ComplyWorks verification process to a dynamic, interactive measurement of key safety management processes, at a price that now makes sense. The net benefit being that our members will be better focused on safety policies and standards that not only meet regulatory and industry requirements but are practical and cost effective in the field" stated Mr. Fairbanks.

About ComplyWorks

ComplyWorks provides relevant compliance with active communications to companies across North America and internationally. Our customers include over 100 employing companies and 9,500 contracting companies that rely on ComplyWorks solutions to strengthen employer/contractor/worker relationships, mitigate risk, and monitor and improve health, safety and environmental indicators. ComplyWorks does this by managing the contractor pre-qualification process, and tracking the life of the engagement through procurement into the supply chain, completion of work and accounting, and finally performance measurement, internal feedback and continuous improvement planning. Incorporated in 2004 as Canadian HSE Registry Ltd., ComplyWorks is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

About CanQual

CanQual is an information technology company specializing in automated contractor data management and due diligence assurance. The CanQual (CQS) Evaluation verifies that contractor organizations maintain a health, safety and environmental management system in compliance with key legislated requirements, industry best practices and client expectations. The CQbase Evaluation process provides client organizations an effective and valuable due-diligence service that brings transparency and objectivity from a qualified and experienced third party. The CQbase Evaluation was developed in concert with, and is a key contractor approval requirement for, major client organizations in the oil sands, conventional oil & gas and construction sectors.

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