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February 05, 2010 08:05 ET

Composite Technology Announces Line Completion in Belgium

150kV ACCC® Conductor Line Installed Between Mol and Beringen

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - February 5, 2010) -  Composite Technology Corporation (CTC) (OTCBB: CPTC) is pleased to announce the completion of the first ACCC® conductor transmission line in Belgium. Both circuits of this 20 kilometer overhead line were reconductored in 2009 and are now fully energized. Lamifil in Belgium produced the conductor.

With the choice of ACCC® Lisbon conductor, Elia, the Belgian transmission operator, was able to increase the current carrying capacity of the existing 150kV line between Mol and Beringen without modifying or replacing any of the lattice steel towers. The key issue considered by the utility in this project was the ability to transmit the output of a new power plant while continuously keeping one circuit in service and limiting the environmental impact. ACCC® conductor was selected due to its unique efficiency characteristics and to avoid the expensive cost and difficulty of modifying structures, which would have been required with other conductor solutions, while doubling the line's capacity for N-1 situations with less sag and lower magnetic fields.

Energy-efficient ACCC® conductor contains about 28% more aluminium in the same diameter and weighs less than the traditional ACSR conductor. This results in line losses being reduced by about one-third as compared to a similar sized ACSR. The greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted from the generation to supply those losses are also eliminated. Replacing the ACSR 298 conductor with ACCC® Lisbon conductor for this line doubled the ampacity and should save an estimated 378,000 MWh of losses over a 30 year economic life. It should also reduce generation capacity requirements by 3.5 MW and save the emission of over 235,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide over that 30 year period, equivalent to displacing 50,000 metric tons of coal in generation.

"ACCC® conductor and accessories are easy to install when you take into account the technical requirements and the necessary know-how," stated Wim Kuterna, Manager High Voltage - Lines & Underground for Fabricom, who was responsible for the successful installation.

Bart Pelssers, Project Leader of Elia explained: "We have carefully planned this project ahead and evaluated all possible options to come to the best solution for this line. The ACCC® conductor install ran very smoothly and was completed ahead of schedule. Elia will surely consider using ACCC® conductors again for future projects."

Charly Verheyden, Managing Director of Lamifil, commented, "After two years of study and preparation, we are very pleased with the successful completion of this first project for Elia. We are optimistic about the prospects for the use of ACCC® conductors in Europe, and we look forward to continued cooperation with Elia and Fabricom."

John Brewster, President of CTC Cable, commented, "We are very pleased to have our advanced conductor in an operating line in Belgium, and look forward to expanding the market there and in the rest of Europe. We are confident that awareness of the economic and performance advantages of this installation will spread throughout the area and we look forward to collaborating with all of the excellent companies involved on solutions for additional transmission projects."

About Lamifil:
Lamifil nv, based in Hemiksem, Belgium develops, manufactures and supplies wire and conductor in aluminium, aluminium alloy, copper and copper alloy for a broad range of global markets. Our quality products are sold either as finished or semi-finished goods, divided as follows:

  • The most advanced conventional and high temperature low sag conductor range, providing solutions for overhead power transmission and distribution networks. Lamifil was the first in Europe to produce GAP conductors and developed AAAC UHC conductors providing superior conductivity. Since 2005 Lamifil is closely collaborating with CTC to develop and promote ACCC® conductors.
  • The most advanced and comprehensive range of catenary wires for railway electrification, used in urban transport systems, conventional railways and high speed networks. Lamifil is probably the only producer able to manufacture catenary wires in accordance with the most stringent, recognized standards in both copper as well as a complete range of copper alloys.
  • Semi finished wire and conductor used for a wide range of applications in the metallurgical, mechanical and electrical industry.

Lamifil is an important solution provider with respect to the products above and the development of new technologies in this field. Among its customers are renowned railway and electrical utilities, international contractors, cable manufacturers, steel producers and other companies active in the metal industry.

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About Elia:
Elia is the Belgian transmission system operator, transmitting electricity from producers to distribution system operators and major industrial users and being responsible for importing and exporting electrical energy to and from Belgium's neighbouring countries. Elia owns the entire Belgian very-high-voltage grid (150 to 380 kV) and some 94% (ownership and user rights) of Belgium's high-voltage grid infrastructure (30 to 70 kV). Elia's grid consists of 5,645 kilometres of overhead lines and 2,767 kilometres of underground connections and is a key link between electricity markets in northern and southern Europe. Belgium's recent investments in interconnection capacity with its neighbours make it one of the most open and interconnected countries in Europe.

About Fabricom:
Fabricom is the Belgian reference in terms of innovative technical installations and services for the industry, energy, tertiary and infrastructure markets. Its expertise covers a wide and varied range of technical disciplines, including Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Industrial Piping, Automation, and Maintenance, as well as specialist applications. Its strong presence in Belgium, as well as that of its sister and affiliated companies in Europe, enables it to offer tailor-made solutions, ranging from local, mono-disciplinary to pan-European, multi-site, multi-disciplinary projects. Fabricom and its affiliated companies in Belgium employ more than 5,000 people and achieved a turnover of 749 million Euros in 2008. Fabricom is part of the Belgian Business Unit of GDF SUEZ Energy Services, which groups together Fabricom, Axima Contracting, Cofely Services and their affiliated companies, employs almost 11,500 people and achieved a turnover of 1.65 billion Euros in 2008.

About CTC:
Composite Technology Corporation, based in Irvine, California, USA, develops, manufactures and sells innovative, high performance, energy efficient electrical transmission conductors through its subsidiary, CTC Cable Corporation. CTC Cable produces composite core rod for use in its patented high efficiency ACCC® conductors, which are used in overhead electrical transmission and distribution lines. ACCC® conductors perform with less line losses when compared to similar diameter conventional conductors and therefore enable power generators to reduce the amount of generation while still delivering the same power to customers. ACCC® conductors also enable grid operators to reduce blackouts and brownouts by providing reserve electrical capacity, since they can be operated at higher temperatures without significant thermal line sag. The performance and longevity of CTC's ACCC® conductor technology has been independently verified by certifying agencies, test centers and power grids around the world and have consistently demonstrated significant savings in upgrade capital costs and operating expenses when substituted for traditional conductors in reconductoring upgrades as well as new line construction. CTC Cable delivers ACCC® core to licensed qualified conductor manufacturers worldwide for ACCC® conductor production and sale into local markets. Over 9,100 kilometers of ACCC® conductor have been installed on five continents. ACCC® is a registered trademark of CTC Cable Corporation.

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