SOURCE: Connectbeam, Inc.

October 11, 2006 12:35 ET

Connectbeam Brings Web 2.0 to Enterprises

Connectbeam Knowledge Network Appliance Launches at Office 2.0 Conference

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 11, 2006 -- Connectbeam today unveiled the Connectbeam Knowledge Network Appliance, the first on-site smart appliance designed for companies that employ Google Enterprise Search (GOOG). The Knowledge Network Appliance lets companies efficiently connect Google search results to Connectbeam's patent-pending social bookmarking, tagging, and expertise-location software.

Using the Appliance, corporate users can quickly create, share and discover enterprise knowledge and its location. Self-managed and powered by Connectbeam, the Knowledge Network Appliance delivers easy online collaboration around knowledge and the scalability to accommodate enterprise needs.

In every organization, people need to find knowledge and connect to colleagues with knowledge they need. Unlike existing 'knowledge-management' systems, which cannot discern the quality of content, and which can be complex, time-consuming and static, Connectbeam connects users to information tagged and commented on by others, allowing them to be productive immediately. Like the Connectbeam application itself, the Knowledge Network Appliance is accessible through common web browsers and allows users to create and share knowledge, find the knowledge they need, and connect to colleagues with shared interests and needed expertise instantly.

"With Connectbeam's Knowledge Network Appliance, employees share and make their knowledge available to people all over the enterprise, and the best ideas move forward quickly," said Connectbeam CEO Puneet Gupta. "Connectbeam believes that this is the revolutionary effect on business of the new Web 2.0 technologies that began in the consumer space. Businesses will be able to work smarter and faster by harnessing their collective intelligence in ways that were impossible before."

"The Knowledge Network Appliance integrates with Google's Enterprise Search Appliance out of the box," commented Connectbeam VP of Engineering Prem Malhotra. "It gives employees new ways to participate and have a positive impact on their business by seamlessly transitioning into a Web 2.0 style framework."

The Knowledge Network Appliance combines the instant accessibility of browser-based applications with the security, integration and management features of a behind-the-firewall server. Network integration allows Web 2.0 functionality to "mash-up" smoothly with directory and other network services.

Connectbeam Knowledge Network Appliance is available for pre-order. Pricing begins at $11,495 annually for up to 100 users. Interested parties should contact Connectbeam sales at for information on introductory pricing and flexible service plan options. For more information, visit

About Connectbeam: Connectbeam is a leading provider of Web 2.0 technology solutions for business. Privately held, Connectbeam is based in Newark, California. Further information about the company and its offerings can be found at

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