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July 15, 2009 09:00 ET

Constitution Mining Completes Study and Design of 500-Hole Drill Program for the Gold Sands of Peru

LIMA, PERU--(Marketwire - July 15, 2009) - Constitution Mining Corp. (OTCBB:CMIN) has completed the design of a program to drill 300 reconnaissance holes and 200 reserve-definition holes at its Gold Sands property in northeastern Peru. The initial holes will be completed using a Bucyrus-Erie Model 20W churn drill that the Company purchased from Buckeye Drilling based in Ohio, USA and shipped to the Gold Sands. The drill rig has been mobilized and is now being prepared for operation.

Initial drill results are expected to add further detail to information recently compiled by Constitution Mining's VP of Exploration, Dr. Miles Worsley, and the Company's director of field operations, John Keenan. This information enhances the Company's understanding of the macro-structure of the Gold Sands District.

As found by Dr. Worsley's team:

Over geological time (millions of years), at least three separate, braided river systems have flowed across the Gold Sands district, and each of the three has deposited a gigantic outwash fan - or sedimentary "golden pancake."

The top pancake-like layer, generally starting at or near surface, is 7 to 12 meters (23 to 40 feet) thick and holds mineralization ranging up to 0.7 grams of gold per cubic meter (g/m3).

The second (lower) layer of gold sands is 4 to 6 meters (13 to 20 feet) in thickness and contains gold grades as high as 1.4 g/m3.

The third and lowest identified layer is at least 10 to 15 meters (33 to 50 feet) thick. Little is yet known about the grade or the ultimate thickness of this layer. (Grades in gold sands typically increase with depth, as the denser particles, especially gold, tend to settle downward over time).

The area where the three zones are located is open at depth, meaning additional fans may be present.

Constitution Mining's planned 500 holes will be drilled to depths of 50 meters (165 feet), which will be sufficient to test the depth and grade of the third layer and may encounter additional pancake layers.

Constitution Mining's CEO, Dr Willem Fuchter, commented: "We are extremely confident in the potential for this project to develop rapidly. Now that the analytical lab has been set up and established in Saramariza, the drill has arrived on the property, and all pre-drilling analysis and planning has been completed, I am pleased to say that the fun part is about to begin. Once drilling commences, expected to be any day now, we should start collecting a consistent flow of potentially valuable data."

Recognizing the highly prospective character of Constitution Mining's Gold Sands project, the Company's board of directors has determined that the Company should focus all its technical and financial efforts on the development of the Gold Sands and consequently has taken steps to terminate its mining operations in Argentina and has relocated its head offices to Lima, Peru.

About Constitution Mining Corp.

Our goal is to continuously increase the amount of gold underlying each of our outstanding shares. To build such value, we are focusing on the rapidly developing Gold Sands region of Peru, where we have optioned 382 square kilometers (147.5 square miles) of mining properties - the largest such block in the district.

The Gold Sands of Peru were laid down by eons of alluvial erosion. For millions of years, the waters of the Santiago and the Maranon rivers have been carving their way through the gold-rich mountain canyons of the Andes, carrying off vast amounts of gold and depositing much of the treasure in loose gravels and sands - Gold Sands - below the Manseriche gorge in Northeastern Peru. There the rivers reach a broad flood plain, slow to a crawl and release their cargo.

Drilling results from more than 500 test holes in a 'proof of concept' zone located on Constitution Mining's properties indicate the presence of tens of millions of ounces of alluvial gold in the region. We intend to capture the profit potential of that gold by applying recently enhanced mining technologies that are especially well suited to low-density, near-surface deposits. These green-mining technologies are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly -- features that support their profitable use.

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On behalf of the Board:

Dr. Willem Fuchter, CEO, Constitution Mining Corp.


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