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November 23, 2009 14:09 ET

Consumer Electronics Start-Up Brings New Options, Expertise & Affordability to 2009 Holiday Shoppers

Pairing Consumer Electronics With Branded Services Saves Dollars & Makes Sense

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - November 23, 2009) - Holiday shoppers looking to give thoughtful, affordable gifts have new options this year, courtesy of innovative D.C.-based start-up SmartSubs brings consumers deep discounts and new experiences by pairing brand name consumer electronics products from the likes of Apple, Logitech, SanDisk with trusted services such as eMusic, Real Broadband Essentials and Real SuperPass to name a few.

"The product + services model is a real win for consumers as they can now take advantage of vetted premium services thoughtfully combined with their new devices at a cost that beat all other competition online, including big name retailers such as Amazon and Walmart," said Michael Goldstein, CEO of SmartSubs. "We can bring these savings to consumers with absolutely no risk, as all subscriptions have extended trial periods for shoppers to try out their new services so they can use, understand and experience it for themselves."

The site is able to offer such low prices because it combines products with free trial offers from compatible subscriptions. For example, if a holiday shopper wants to purchase a SanDisk MP3 player for a gift, lists a reduced price when you sign up for a free trial to Real SuperPass®. SuperPass monthly subscription includes 10 MP3s per month, access to videos, online games, computer security and more. Because SuperPass would like to expand its customer base, it helps SmartSubs offset the product cost. To add to the savings, after the subscription's free trial expires, consumers can continue the subscription for less than $15/month.

"Why bother waiting in endless lines or getting trampled in the holiday rush for bargains when, with a few clicks, you can get the best prices for electronics and entertainment bundled with a smart new service to go with it?" said Greg Alvo of New York, a loyal SmartSubs customer. "I can check off my holiday list easily, affordably and with confidence that I am getting the best deal on the coolest new gear with a bonus subscription service."

What's going to be hot this season? Some top selling items climbing up the charts include: Wii balance board, Wii fit, Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Mr. Squiggles, Logitech Quickcams along with various wireless routers, stereo headphones and memory cards.

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SmartSubs is changing the face of ecommerce by showcasing the unique benefits of digital subscription services while providing a seamless shopping experience for consumers. Founded in 2008 with the goal of bridging the gap between online commerce and digital subscription providers, provides over 5,000 discounted products, including DVD players, MP3 players and new movie releases at 10% - 25% below average online prices. Become a fan of SmartSubs on Facebook.

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