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March 31, 2010 13:10 ET

Consumers Support New Law Requiring Calorie Disclosure, Decision Analyst Study Shows

ARLINGTON, TX--(Marketwire - March 31, 2010) -  A new federal law requiring restaurants to post calorie information on menus appears to have strong public support, according to Decision Analyst, a leading international marketing research firm.

The law was in the healthcare legislation that President Obama signed March 23. It requires restaurant chains with 20 or more locations to disclose calorie counts on their food items and supply information on how many calories a healthy person should consume in a day.

Decision Analyst, through its Health and Nutrition Strategist™ proprietary study, has been tracking the issue of calorie disclosure. In 2009, the company surveyed 4,075 consumers. Participants were asked their level of agreement on whether restaurants should post nutritional facts. Overall, 52% of respondents either "completely agreed" or "somewhat agreed" that restaurants should post nutritional facts.

By gender, 55% of females and 45% of males support calorie disclosure by restaurants, according to the Decision Analyst study. A breakdown by age is shown below. 

Restaurants Should Give Nutritional Facts On Each Menu Item
(By Age)

Age Percent Who
Completely/Somewhat Agree
18 to 24 55%
25 to 34 58%
35 to 44 50%
45 to 54 50%
55 to 64 50%
65 or older 47%

"Younger age groups are definitely more interested in calorie disclosure," said Diane Brewton, Senior Vice President. "The younger age groups are likely to eat out more often, so this information will assist them on those occasions when they decide to make better nutritional choices. The older segments, on the other hand, may already be knowledgeable about good nutritional choices and feel less need for this information."


Decision Analyst's Health and Nutrition Strategist™ study is conducted online using its' American Consumer Opinion® panel. This data is from a nationally representative, statistically balanced sample of 4,075 American adults collected from January to December 2009. The margin of error is less than 2%, plus or minus, at a 95% confidence level. This study is a large, integrated database of food, beverage consumption, restaurant usage, health habits, and nutritional attitudes.

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