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December 06, 2007 12:15 ET

Contemporary Lifestyle Consulting Offers Advice for Coping With Job Transitions Over the Holidays

With an Imminent Job Change, People May Feel a Fear of the Unknown and a Sense of Insecurity That Clashes With the Family Security and Togetherness That Make the Holiday Season Special; Tolu Adeleye of Contemporary Lifestyle Consulting Offers Some Advice for Those Undergoing a Major Job Transition During the Holiday Season

VICTORIA, BC--(Marketwire - December 6, 2007) - Facing a job transition isn't necessarily a pleasant prospect even at the best of times. According to a study published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal), the self-reported health status of people facing a job change or job loss showed significant deterioration when compared to people with secure jobs.

"It's already stressful to deal with career transitions normally," said Tolu Adeleye, a partner of Contemporary Lifestyle Consulting, Inc. ( "When it's the holiday season, it can be even harder to cope."

Adeleye says that with an imminent job change, people may feel a fear of the unknown and a sense of insecurity that clashes with the family security and togetherness that make the holiday season special. The added stress of the holiday season also makes it harder to cope. She offers some advice for those undergoing a major job transition during the holiday season.

The first thing she suggests is to be in the moment, especially when attending holiday gatherings.

"If you're present in the moment, then you're not thinking about your impending job change or what tomorrow will bring," Adeleye said. "You are only focusing on this time with your family and enjoying it. That alone will help coping with a job transition immensely."

Adeleye also advises people to use the happy, euphoric feeling that comes from celebrating a joyous occasion to cast their career transition in a new and positive light.

"It's so easy to get caught up in thinking about the stressful, negative part of a job change, and you let fear and worry take over," Adeleye said. "You can use the positive emotion you experience from being with your family to give you momentum into the change. Instead of viewing it with fear, you can view it as a new adventure in your life."

People with a job change in the near future should also be careful making New Year's resolutions, Adeleye says. Throwing in more change where there's already insecurity about a job transition could add more stress to the situation.

"Try to make realistic resolutions," Adeleye said. "You've already got one major change happening in your life. Handling too many life changes at once may bring unbearable pressure on you."

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