SOURCE: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

April 01, 2010 15:00 ET

Cooking Frozen Fish: So Easy Your iPhone Can Do It

JUNEAU, AK--(Marketwire - April 1, 2010) -  You have heard that you should be eating seafood at least twice a week* for heart-health, but it's five o'clock and if you are like most Americans, you don't know what's for dinner until a couple of hours or less before the meal.** Don't worry, there is a way to get good food fast, and it's straight from your own freezer! The new COOK IT FROZEN!® iPhone App from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is designed for home cooks of all levels to prepare heart-healthy frozen seafood -- without thawing. Simply stock your freezer with frozen fish from Alaska. It's a budget-friendly way to get delicious, wild-caught seafood whenever you want it, not just when it's in season. And the best part? Who cares that it's five o'clock -- with COOK IT FROZEN!® techniques, dinner can be on the table in as little as 15 minutes.

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Using the new iPhone COOK IT FROZEN! ® App, you can:

  • Search over 100 quick and easy recipes for cooking frozen Alaska salmon, halibut, crab, cod, pollock or sole
  • Watch "How-To Videos" to master cooking frozen seafood without thawing by technique: grilling, broiling, roasting, steaming, poaching, sautéing or pan-searing
  • Email recipes and cooking instructions to your inbox and your friends
  • Build a "Grocery List" then check off each ingredient as it is placed in your basket
  • Learn "About Alaska," including Alaska's sustainable fisheries management
  • Learn about "Health" and Alaska seafood's nutritional benefits

More Tools
No iPhone? No problem. Visit to download recipes, watch how-to videos, and more. Or visit the official Alaska Seafood YouTube Channel to learn tips and tricks for cooking Alaska seafood and to follow Alaska seafood from sea to plate.

Is Frozen, Fresh?
Advanced freezing technologies in Alaska allow fish to be frozen hours after it's caught,
locking in fresh-caught flavor and texture, and ensuring quality.

Why Alaska Seafood?
All seafood from Alaska is wild, which means it swims free in Alaska's icy, pure, pristine
waters. Alaskans understand the need to protect their fisheries and surrounding habitats
for future generations, which is why Alaska seafood is required by law to be sustainable.
This means the fish stocks are plentiful, making it an environmentally smart seafood
choice. Click here to learn about the Alaska seafood story

About the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI)
ASMI is a partnership of the State of Alaska and the Alaska seafood industry, promoting
Alaska seafood in the U.S. and key overseas markets, and offering seafood industry
education. For more information, please visit

* The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times a week.
** Food Marketing Institute, FMI Grocery Shopper Trends 2008: Economic Concerns
Shaping How Consumers Shop, Cook, Dine, May 2008

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