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August 24, 2010 07:55 ET

Corda Receives Key Patent for Data Visualization

Innovation Allows the Display of Rich, Interactive Charts and Graphs Without the Latest Browsers or Plugins

LINDON, UT--(Marketwire - August 24, 2010) -   Data visualization pioneer Corda has been awarded a patent for "Best Image Fallback" -- a pivotal technology that optimizes the display of images and graphics in web browsers and on mobile devices.

The new patent protects an innovation that plays a vital role in data visualization solutions, which translate raw data into rich graphics and performance dashboards. Using Best Image Fallback, Corda software products can automatically detect and display the best image type, such as Flash, PNG or SVG, that a given web browser or mobile device can support. The result is the best possible viewing experience for users.

How It Works
Best Image Fallback allows web developers to rank their preference for the image types to be displayed in an application or dashboard. Corda products then dynamically detect and display the top-ranked image type supported. With this approach, web browser support for Flash or SVG is irrelevant because the browser automatically displays the image in the highest-quality format available. For example, if the default image format for an enterprise sales dashboard is Flash, but a user's web browser does not have the Flash plugin, the Corda server can automatically deliver a PNG image with interactivity instead.

This innovation increases usability for web browsers on all devices, especially mobile platforms like the Apple iPhone and iPad. By delivering a PNG image with interactivity, devices like these can have similar functionality to a desktop computer that supports other image types.

Mark Gregor, president of Velir Studios, a full-service web agency that uses Corda solutions to deliver rich graphics and interactive maps, said, "The Corda Best Image Fallback technology has allowed our users to view sophisticated charts and graphs without the latest browsers or plugins. This has been invaluable in reaching the broadest possible audience with no more effort than simply enabling this functionality within Corda."

The patented technology also gives content creators the assurance that they can successfully deliver the right information, in a functional form, to every viewer, regardless of a user's specific computing environment. 

Corda Chairman Neal Williams said, "Given the ongoing debate around content standards, the flexibility Corda offers through Best Image Fallback can help content creators eliminate much of the uncertainly and complexity involved in delivering rich graphical content, particularly as it applies to data visualization and business performance analysis."

The U.S. patent office awarded the 948 patent to Corda Technologies for its Best Image Fallback technology. Neal Williams, Mardell Cheney, vice president of marketing for Corda, and Nathan Pilling, senior software engineer, are named on the new patent. 

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