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February 11, 2010 15:21 ET

CoreTrace and Planet Antivirus Challenge RSA to Use Traditional Antivirus Techniques to Control Access to RSA Conference 2010

RSA Called to Stop Using a Whitelist of Registered Attendees; Start Using More Inconvenient Approach of Blacklisting Everyone on Earth NOT Allowed Into the Conference

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - February 11, 2010) -  Planet Antivirus -- CoreTrace, the pioneer of client-based application whitelisting technology, and Planet Antivirus, the fictional world created to demonstrate how hysterical it would be if all parts of our lives "functioned" like antivirus solutions, today officially challenged the RSA Conference to control access to the 2010 RSA Security Conference by utilizing the common antivirus techniques, specifically signature-based blacklisting and heuristics. Under the terms of the challenge, RSA must abandon the whitelisting technique known as "registered attendees," and create a list of every person on Earth that is NOT allowed access to the show.

"Throughout its 19 year history, the RSA Conference has been paid millions of dollars by traditional antivirus companies promoting the use of blacklists," said Toney Jennings, president and chief executive officer for CoreTrace. "It doesn't seem fair that RSA should be able to use the far more efficient whitelisting approach to allow in only registered attendees."

Under terms of the Planet Antivirus challenge, RSA will need to develop a list of the 6.9 billion people in the world (and growing) that should not be allowed into the conference and check every potential entrant against the list to ensure they are not on it. Planet Antivirus wants to be fair about the challenge, though, so we think it is perfectly acceptable for RSA to work with other "blacklist" creators, like the TSA, if they are so inclined. If they choose to use heuristics, RSA will need to develop "profiles" for those who should and shouldn't be allowed into the conference based on key characteristics and behaviors. Points will be deducted for falsely stopping legitimate attendees or allowing illegitimate ones into the conference.

"Since everything on Planet Antivirus operates by the rules and realities of antivirus solutions, we truly understand the burden this challenge will bring for everyone at RSA," said a spokesperson for Planet Antivirus. "We regret the unfortunate lines that formerly whitelisted registered attendees will endure while their names are compared against billions of names on Earth's blacklist. On the other hand, the new blacklisting approach will benefit approximately forty percent of all bad guys that were formerly denied access since their names were not on the registration whitelist."

About Planet Antivirus:
Located at, Planet Antivirus is a fictional world created by CoreTrace employees and our friends. On Planet Antivirus, every part of life must live by the rules (e.g., use lists of what should NOT be allowed; use profiling) and realities (e.g., poor performance; high inconvenience) of traditional antivirus solutions. Planet Antivirus' citizens have incredible senses of humor, and happily join in the fun of adding to the planet's list of how ridiculous it would be to have other parts of our lives "function" just like antivirus solutions on Earth! Planet Antivirus citizens also join in the fun on the planet's Facebook Fan Page (, YouTube Channel (, and via Twitter (@PlanetAntivirus).

About CoreTrace:
For people without the same sense of humor as Planet Antivirus' citizens, Earth's CoreTrace Corporation offers a boring solution that simply stops all unauthorized and malicious applications without any real performance impacts or inconveniences. Rather than relying on a huge blacklist that takes forever to check and is always out of date, CoreTrace's "application whitelisting" solution, BOUNCER, quickly creates and enforces a small whitelist of each computer's approved applications. By ensuring that only whitelisted applications can execute, BOUNCER (named after one of the best-known examples of security based on an "approved" list: club bouncers) automatically blocks all unauthorized applications -- even malware that has never been seen before. Learn more about CoreTrace and BOUNCER at

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