September 26, 2007 12:20 ET

Corporate Concierge: Conciergerie deLuxe, a Concierge Service for Businesses and Their Clients!

NEW YORK--(Marketwire - September 26, 2007) - Conciergerie deLuxe, a New York-based company, in partnership with the company ACIA, provides corporate concierge services and customer loyalty programs ( ACIA specializes in property management for key accounts and services for upscale clientele.

ACIA provides its members with the latest innovation. Its corporate concierge services include customer loyalty programs and the Platinum Concierge deLuxe services through the Haute Fidélité program and dedicated call centers.

New features and the customized Haute Fidélité program have been successfully created, and are designed to help businesses desiring to optimize the productiveness of their employees by relieving them of their everyday hassles.

Thanks to Haute Fidélité, which is competitively priced, clients, executives, managers, and others can take advantage of the following benefits:

-special rates on reservations in more than 4,000 hotels (4- and 5-star) and more than 2,500 golf resorts;

-priority reservations in exclusive places such as restaurants and VIP rooms selected by Conciergerie deLuxe;

-150 concierges in more than 80 countries;

-a unique telephone number to contact the concierge service;

-"Follow Me Support": an international communication platform allowing you to leave messages for a concierge overseas and to have your call returned with the briefest delay.

These benefits allow businesses to increase their productivity, to recognize valued clients, to obtain new clients, and to develop a loyal client base.

Advanced technology is used to guarantee the most professional service in the concierge industry.

ACIA's corporate concierge services provide:

--  Local and international concierge services
--  Dedicated call centers

The following are just a few of the concierge services available:

--  Incoming calls from clients
--  Handling traditional service requests from clientele
--  Repair service and resolution of urgent or house-related problems
--  Handling client accounts
--  Bill-pay and invoice service
--  Recording and filling orders
--  Assistance with errands (personal shopping)
--  Special purchases
--  Catalog orders of products and follow-up on orders
--  Reward programs
--  Travel services and reservations
--  Ticket reservation for special events
--  Meeting reminders (included free with our mobile service)
--  Follow-up services for all orders, all solicited service
--  Management, promotion of, and assistance with organization events
--  Handling client requests and comments
--  Car rental and client pick-up
--  Roadside assistance
--  Order and delivery of purchased articles
--  Assistance with locating baby-sitters
--  Appointments (with general physician or another...)
--  Interior decorating

ACIA uses the latest innovation in terms of dedicated call centers open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide service and bilingual support everyday, including organization and event management, according to client needs.

Their strong professional relationship with so many businesses, their staff, and their clients allows ACIA to make a notable impact in the finance industry, luxury and travel, business, sports, and art, and many other industries as well.

The Conciergerie deLuxe team caters to you with, as described in its motto, "Services of Unequaled Quality."

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