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November 24, 2008 03:59 ET

Corporate Update


                                                SECURE FORTRESS PLC

                                                 Corporate Update

Secure  Fortress  Plc (the 'Company') (PLUS: SCFP; XETRA: SFK) today announces the resignation  of  Emmanuel  John
Olympitis from the Board as a Non-Executive Director, the need to re-bid for a US $4.35m contract for a  US  Dept.
of  Defence  facility  pending  the release of funds from the Army Corps of Engineers  and  an  increased  bidding
pipeline of US $101 million.

Alexandre  Clug,  Chief Executive of Secure Fortress Plc, said: "The recent appointments of  some  senior  defence
industry figures is already beginning to show positive results, with tenders now topping US$100 million, of  which
US$10  million of new proposals have been bid since 15 October 2008, a pleasing acceleration in the growth of  our
growing  pipeline  of bids. The delay and need to re-bid for the San Antonio project is unfortunate,  particularly
for  INSCOM,  who  now have no facility in which to reside; but we remain optimistic that we will  soon  hear  the
results  on the projects we have been bidding for which would quickly surpass the revenues expected from  the  San
Antonio  contract. Finally, I would like to thank our retiring Non-Executive Director, Manoli Olympitis,  for  the
wisdom and encouragement he provided in the early stages of the Company's establishment in the UK."

The Directors of Secure Fortress Plc accept responsibility for this announcement.


Alexandre Clug, Chief Executive, Email:

Duncan Vasey, St Helen's Capital Plc   Tel: 020-7628-5582

Henry L Gewanter, Public Relations,    Tel: 020-7489-2028 (Office)   07774-228845 (Mobile)

About Secure Fortress Plc

Secure Fortress is an established, successful, high-growth secure communications company engaged in the provision
of services for the protection of vital information systems for a broad array of clients including the US
Department of Defense, US Department of Justice, elite federal agencies and high-profile private institutions.
Based in London, the Company's proprietary, next-generation solution is on the front lines of shielding vital
government and corporate interests from cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime, two of the fastest-growing threats to the
21st century's internet-based communications infrastructure. Secure Fortress has both Commercial and Governmental
divisions with the commercial group leveraging the patented solutions developed for its governmental clients.

With the proper government credentials, Secure Fortress currently protects governmental agencies including the
above named agencies.  Secure Fortress has proven itself with more than 200 projects, engineering more than 16
million square feet in select facilities, and expects to further increase market penetration by year-end.  The
Company is also developing a cross-border expansion of core skills and products, beginning in Europe.

Secure Fortress is an established provider of design, installation and maintenance for "Secure Modular
Environments," which are secure infrastructures that leverage the latest business communication hardware and
software capabilities.  The Company's premier product, Fortress, which utilizes an easily-scalable security
scheme, was specifically designed to meet US Department of Defense security requirements.  Its patented design was
created as a pre-engineered "plug-n-play" optical fiber and shielded cabling system that is both more secure, less
expensive and significantly easier to install in high security environments.

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