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January 12, 2008 14:42 ET

Correction: Millions in Canada will soon be celebrating New Year's Eve

Over one million Ukrainians in Canada continue their festive season

CORRECTION from Source - correct copy follows: Original ReleaseID 200801110004 In a previous press release issued by Multiculture Bevco at Jan 11 2008 4:59PM, errors occurred. In the first sentence of the first paragraph the Gregorian calendar was noted. It should read Julian calendar instead of Gregorian. Attention: City Editor, Food/Beverage Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Jan. 12, 2008) - Many well known people will be watching the Julian calendar and counting down the days to New Year's Eve - Ukrainian professional hockey players Dave Andreychuk, Mike Bossy, and John Bucyk; politicians such as; Gerard Kennedy, Ernie Eves, Ed Stelmach, and Roy Romanow; well known author, Helen Potrebenko; Alex Trebek, game show host; and Eugene Melnyk - owner of Biovail Pharma.

And it's not just Ukrainians who will be celebrating on January 13 -- Russians, Serbs, Eastern Rite Catholics and Coptics will be as well.

The Ukrainian New Year or Malanka, as it is commonly known, is an opportunity to get together with family and friends and really party. Quite often businessmen's clubs and organizations will host an event and rent an entire hall. Last year, the Donauschwaben's held such an event in the Swabian Club in Toronto otherwise known as The Blue Danube.

"It was one of those very festive occasions I was fortunate enough to be able to attend," says Dick Altermann, Echo World Communications. "The decoration of the hall was like a picture of a wedding reception in an oriental castle. Lights all over, wall décor, chairs draped in white covers with bows on the back and table décor to end all décor."

"What makes New Year's Eve so special is how Ukrainians celebrate their culture, friends and family - they're progressive yet have a deep appreciation for their past," says Katherine Koszarny-Vellinga of Multiculture Bevco, which imports and markets Ukrainian products. "That's one of the reasons why I believe Ukrainian brands like, Slavutich, and Lvivske are so popular at events such as these - progressive but with a rich heritage."

"If last year is any indication, celebrations will continue right into the early hours of the New Year," says Katherine. "And you never know who you're going to run into."

Who knows, Mayor David Miller, former member of "Baturyn," a Ukrainian band, and vowed supporter of Ukrainian Canadians, may even show up; he usually does. But don't expect a political meet and greet or handshake and photo op. He's there to have fun and enjoy the festivities. Rather, look for a man with blonde hair, wearing a Ukrainian shirt, dancing vigorously, and having a good time. /For further information: To find out where Multiculture Bevco products are available visit IN: FOOD, RELIGION, SOCIAL, OTHER

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