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June 21, 2010 16:30 ET

Credit Card Debt Assistance Through Available Debt Relief Companies

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - June 21, 2010) -  Most Americans have found themselves in credit card debt. The estimated household holding credit card debt is 54 million. Healthy credit card debt is an encouraged form of debt which can help credit scores over time (so long as it is managed responsibly and all payments are made on time). Some consumers find themselves losing control when it comes to credit card debt and begin to seek out credit card assistance. Total Debt Relief explains when it is time to seek professional credit card assistance and how such debt relief programs work.

There isn't exactly a black or white answer to the question of how much credit card debt is too much. The answer lies more in the gray. It really depends on each individual's financial situation. Factors that come into play are:

1) Income - Those with higher incomes can have higher credit card balances

2) Other debt amounts - For those that do not have a lot of other debts (mortgage, car payments, utility bills, student loans, etc.), then more debt can be allocated toward credit cards.

3) Type of credit card - some credit cards have lower interest rates than others. Those with lower interest rates can generally accrue more credit card debt and manage payments.

In general, most professional credit card assistance programs tend not to work with consumers that have less than $5,000 worth of credit card debt. Debt management might be the better option for this amount. On the other hand consumers that find themselves with over $5,000 worth of credit card debt might be eligible for a credit card debt assistance program called debt settlement.

Debt settlement works very well in eliminating credit card debt, since it is targeted towards unsecured debts like credit card debt. In this program a debt relief agent works with creditors on the consumer's behalf as a mediator in order to negotiate and lower overall debt amounts. The program typically lasts anywhere from 24 to 36 months. After the program is complete participants will be out of credit card debt, so long as consumers stick with the program. A good debt settlement company will have agents that speak with their customers throughout the process.

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