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January 11, 2005 07:00 ET

Critical Telecom Outlines Framework Architecture for New Broadband Intelligent Access Networking



JANUARY 11, 2005 - 07:00 ET

Critical Telecom Outlines Framework Architecture for
New Broadband Intelligent Access Networking

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 11, 2005) -

Virtual Broadband Distribution System (VBBDS) provides new methodology
for delivering Service-to-Access network optimization

Critical Telecom Corp. (, in a whitepaper
issued today, outlined the company's long term vision for a new
generation flexible consumer broadband access network. This new approach
addresses telecommunications most pressing challenge of forward
placement of key IP feature capability throughout the access network to
the customer edge enabling new broadband services to be delivered to the
consumer over wireline or wireless, fixed or mobile.

The VBBDS framework provides an innovative approach to creating a simple
service view that allows the network infrastructure and service process
to evolve independently. Eliminating duplicate operating costs and
permitting the integration of services over different access
technologies, VBBDS's framework is designed to support all Broadband
services and allow Service Providers to easily modify their service
offerings without being forced to marry or change the infrastructure for
each service.

"The issue of broadband deployment is an issue of consumer empowerment.
We believe that our industry needs to extend itself beyond current focus
on "deep fiber" and tackle the real issue in the access network, what we
refer to as Deep Service™." said Mark Labbe, CTO, Critical Telecom.
"Deep Service means that any service can be efficiently and reliably
distributed to the neighborhood irrespective of access technology. VBBDS
offers this flexibility, eliminating the barriers to partnership between
user and service and enabling consumers to access the services they want
with zero touch required by the service provider."

Currently, IP-based consumer broadband services are created within the
Service Network and then delivered to the consumer on the edge of the
Access Network via a Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) that is
situated on the Metro/Access boundary. This design stops IP features at
the boundary with the Metro/Access network and therefore necessitates
the need for flexibility of configuration and topology for each access
technology in the access network.

Critical Telecom looks beyond this current architectural model and
promotes a new industry model that makes the access network a service
partner of the BRAS and Service Network by the forward placement of key
IP features in Access Network elements in a standards compliant way.
Critical Telecom defines this capability as Smart Level 2™ which
creates a virtual feature set within the access network. Created by
Smart Level 2, Critical Telecom's Deep Service enables services that can
be delivered to the consumer with efficiency and reliability over
wireline or wireless, fixed or mobile.

"Critical Telecom has devised the first model of access intelligence
that makes the access network a true component of the service without
making it service-specific," said Tom Nolle, president of CIMI
Corporation. "VBBDS creates an access partnership framework that does
not constrain BRAS selection or service network architecture, and yet
works effectively with both to deliver the experience set the customer
will pay for. Deep Service, created by Smart Level 2 and managed by
VBBDS, is the most revolutionary and yet most logical step yet taken in
broadband access."

With Deep Service Critical Telecom places critical service features in
the access network, but structures them to be easily accessible as a
part of Level 2 infrastructure. Adding intelligence to the Level 2
infrastructure makes it easier and less expensive for carriers to
provision and manage both the broadband infrastructure and the service

Critical Telecom's recently launched GEmini™, a highly scalable
Ethernet Remote DSLAM, was designed to support the company's VBBDS
architecture. GEmini is the only Ethernet Remote DSLAM providing
integrated GigE backhaul with a modular port scalability architecture.
This flexible platform provides non-blocking ADSL2+ bandwidth using
standards-based Gigabit Ethernet in a physically small shell that is
environmentally hardened. Using standards-based Ethernet architecture
and interfaces, GEmini ensures interoperability with existing Ethernet
switches and routers. GEmini's processing engine has the power to
enhance Layer 2 functionality with IP feature sets that enable
intelligence to be distributed to the network edge when and where
required minimizing stranded investment for future growth.

For a copy of the whitepaper, please visit our website via the following

About Critical Telecom

Critical Telecom Corp, a privately held company, specializes in
developing broadband enabling platforms for New Generation Access
Networks. Critical Telecom's approach to broadband access architecture
delivers flexibility across many distributed platforms to address the
service providers' disparate access needs and enable them to realize
additional revenue by offering new generation services such as IPTV &
broadband multimedia services. Critical Telecom is headquartered in
Ottawa, Canada.


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