Cronus Capital Markets, Inc.

Cronus Capital Markets, Inc.

April 29, 2008 09:40 ET

Cronus Capital Markets Launches the "Invest in a BetterWorld" Initiative

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - The "Invest in a BetterWorld" Initiative is intended to focus the attention of the investment community on small and medium-sized public companies that are in the business of Bettering the World through their goods and services. These companies are involved in Green/Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies - including soil, air, and water related treatment and technology.

Michael Soni, President and CEO of Cronus Capital Markets, Inc. (CCM) has stated, "After a thorough analysis of Canadian public companies operating in the Green/Alternative Energy industries, and those involved with Environmental Technology, we have determined that they are rather undervalued and, generally, neglected by the market. Since there is very little information available to investors on these companies, we are launching this initiative over the spring and summer months - at the height of the driving season in North America - to energize these sectors in Canada, thereby making it easier for investors to make decisions. With so little information available on these companies, as is the current state of affairs, everyone loses. The capital markets need to step up and provide greater market efficiency for these companies. These sectors are far too important."

Cronus Capital Markets created the Green Energy Index (ISE:POW) with a 5 year return of 108% and Future Energy Index (ISE:NEW) with a 5 year return of 429%, both of which trade on the ISE, the largest options exchange in the world. CCM expects ETF's to also be listed on these indexes much in the same way that an ETF was listed on the NYSE based on their Homeland Security Index.

In the first phase of this initiative, easy-to-access information will be created for these companies through the CCM BetterWorld Stock Index™ Canada and E-Directory, where all of these companies will be listed and described, along with some general analysis on the current state of the business and sector. This will be widely available to the investment community as they search for opportunities in these sectors. This initiative will provide immediate benefits to these companies as it relates to awareness of their business and the subsequent opportunities that flow from that increased awareness. CCM is also reaching out to associations and other groups focused on further developing these sectors. Later this summer CCM will be launching the CCM BetterWorld Opportunities Fund™ in order to distribute investment dollars directly into some of the underlying companies of the Index.

Mr. Soni went on to say, "We are interested in being a powerful ally to BetterWorld companies in Canada. With access to mainstream media, hundreds of thousands of retail investors (including accredited investors) thousands of stock brokers, and institutions interested in this sector from all across North America - we are in a unique position to assist individual companies in these industries, as well as the industries as a whole."

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