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October 31, 2007 16:13 ET

DC Brands CEO Addresses Current Stock Price

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - October 31, 2007) - Today DC Brands (PINKSHEETS: DCBR) President and CEO Richard Pearce addresses the current stock price, which has declined significantly since the 1 for 10 reverse earlier this last month. Since then, the company has been inundated with calls and emails from shareholders, and it has reached the point that they believed this release was necessary.

Said Pearce, "Anyone who tells you they enjoy seeing their stock price down rather than up is a liar, but I will tell you we fully expected this to happen and in fact I told our staff I personally believed it would settle in around $.25 - $.30 before the rebuilding process could begin. We have publicly addressed this many times. It may not be a move many agree with, but having 300 million shares in the company was not a position I believed could provide a healthy and sound footing for the company in the long term considering where we want to go with it.

"We have a very sound long-term vision for our company and we are well on our way to bringing that vision into full focus. This is an irritating and painful period but one we believe was necessary and one we believe will prove to be the right decision several years down the road, which is what we are focused on. Not the price at today's close, not tomorrow, not next week or next month, but rather where it will be this time next year and the year after that. We come to work every day to build a great company for the future.

"I will say it again, on paper the reverse cost me millions, more than anyone else, as a matter of fact more than everyone else combined, but I am not losing any sleep over it I can assure you, nor are any of our staff members. We/I know all of the great things we have going on. I know what our new VP of Sales Jim Randall is doing in the field. I see the all-star team he is building that will finally get us the national distribution and chain accounts we have so badly needed. I see the increasing sales numbers. I was in China for two weeks, I saw with my own eyes the response to our brand in that enormous and lucrative untapped market. I personally watched the hoards of people at last week's NASCAR Race in Atlanta go crazy over our brand. I have the new POs on my desk for over a half dozen new chain accounts we will start announcing and delivering to in the weeks ahead.

"Most of all I have been in meeting after meeting showing our new trend setting health line of products. I have seen the reaction the buyers have to this entirely new and incredibly exciting new line of products. All of our shareholders will be receiving a very nice kit along with the Q3-07 Buzz newsletter that will help them better understand the reason we are so bullish on our current position and the outlook for our company. Personally, I believe that once someone reviews all of the materials in that update and get an understanding for what we have in the pipe line very few people are going to want to sell any of their stock, but I could be wrong, we will just have to wait and see what happens after they receive the update.

"I want to be very clear on this, our energy drinks are doing very well and gathering steam but we have always known that other than the superior marketing hooks we have to offer, they will always be me-too brands. Although there is still a tremendous amount of money to be made in this sector, we know we will never be able to reestablish the leadership of the energy drink market at this stage of the game. This new line is our chance to be the very first to market with something new and trend setting. It is our chance to be the Red Bull of an entirely new wave of products and we are focusing on that opportunity while continuing to build our current brands. Bottom line is many shareholders have decided they do not like the current direction or decision-making we have deployed and they have made the right move for themselves. They got out because they thought as an individual that it was the right move for them. I personally believe they will live to regret that decision, but they must decide what is right for them, stocks are a risky business and if you do not have the stomach for the ride, you really should not participate.

"We are going in the direction we believe in and as I said earlier, on paper, I have lost millions and millions in the last 30 days or so, but I can honestly say, I have not lost sleep over it because I would not sell a single share of my stock right now knowing what I know and believing what I believe and until you are ready to sell, the price really does not matter unless you lose faith in the company and the brands and my faith in both has never ever been stronger. We now have the tools we need to reach our goals I would tell those who ask, take a look at our trend and where we are by the end of Q2 of 2008 and beyond as these plans all fall in to place then judge the moves we have made and the direction we are going. But by all means those who think they should sell, do so, do what you believe is right for you and yours and we will do the same."

About DC Brands International:

DC Brands International, a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol (PINKSHEETS: DCBR), specializes in and manufactures unique energy drink brands. Established in 1998, DC Brands went public in 2005, and the company's first product, Dickens Energy Cider, launched in 2002 after a lengthy process in developing its distinctive flavor and packaging. Following the success of Dickens Energy Cider, the company chose to expand its product line with a beverage that filled the substantial NASCAR niche. With more than 75 million loyal fans, the NASCAR demographic presented an attractive opportunity to become one of the few racecar-themed energy drinks in the marketplace. Following much due diligence, research and testing, Turn Left Energy Drink recently came to fruition.

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