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DSM announces new breakthrough polymer PA4T

HEERLEN, NETHERLANDS--(Marketwire - September 27, 2007) -

Royal DSM N.V. today announces the development of a new polymer which extends the portfolio for high performance engineering thermoplastics. The polymer, described as PA4T, has been developed by DSM Engineering Plastics, the inventor and global market leader in high performance polyamides with Stanyl® 46.

The new polymer will answer to market trends for miniaturization and convergence of electronic devices like cell phones and computers. It will assist automakers in continued weight reduction efforts for better fuel efficiency and lower costs. PA4T exhibits an exciting and unique balance of properties including excellent dimensional stability, compatibility with lead free soldering, high stiffness and mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, high melting point, and excellent processability in terms of flow and processing window.

Nico Gerardu, member of DSM's Managing Board and responsible for the Performance Materials cluster, is proud of the invention: "It is very special that DSM introduces a new polymer to the market. Polymers started to enter the materials arena at the beginning of the 20th century, around the time that DSM was born. Most of the polymers used today were introduced to the market in the '30's till '60's. After 1980 very few new polymers were introduced. PA4T is the first new polymer to be introduced in the new millennium - which is a true achievement of our research and business people and a true commitment to innovation. This breakthrough innovation fits perfectly with the acceleration of DSM's strategy Vision 2010 - Building on Strengths as announced today, which involves a strong focus on Life Sciences and Materials Sciences."

DSM envisions that PA4T materials are highly suitable for electronics applications such as memory card connectors, CPU sockets, high temperature bobbins, and notebook computer memory module connectors, based on its excellent compatibility in lead free surface mount technology and dimensional stability. In automotive markets, DSM expects the material to support new developments in under the hood applications relating to automotive electrical systems, fuel delivery, and cooling components.

DSM has filed patents on the new polymer, developed compounds and held initial investigative trials with market leaders for various end uses. Results to date have been impressive and DSM is currently constructing a market development plant at the Chemelot site in Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands, which will provide quantities of the polymer for pre-marketing. The market development plant will become operational in the first quarter 2008.

"This is an exciting opportunity for DSM Engineering Plastics and for our customers, who are being driven for higher performance in their applications and lower system costs delivered to their customers. PA4T is a promising complementary product in our portfolio. This development will support green initiatives such as lead free soldering and improved fuel economy. We are committed to moving as quickly as possible to bring this new material, which addresses these needs, to the market and to extend the number of applications where high performance polyamides can be effective," comments Roelof Westerbeek, Global Business Director High Performance Polyamides at DSM Engineering Plastics.

DSM Engineering Plastics

DSM Engineering Plastics is a business group in DSM's Performance Materials cluster, with sales in 2006 of EUR 1005 million (which number includes the sales of DSM Dyneema) and approximately 1300 employees worldwide. It is one of the world's leading suppliers of engineering thermoplastics offering a broad portfolio of high performance products including Stanyl® PA 46 and Akulon® 6 and 66 polyamides, Arnitel® TPE-E, Arnite® PBT and PET polyesters, Xantar® polycarbonate and Yparex® extrudable adhesive resins. These materials are used in technical components for electrical appliances, electronic equipment and cars, in barrier packaging films as well as in many mechanical and extrusion applications. With Stanyl®, DSM Engineering Plastics is the global market leader in high heat polyamides. Akulon®, Arnite®, Arnitel®, Stanyl®, Xantar® and Yparex® are registered trademarks of DSM Engineering Plastics. Dyneema®, Dyneema Purity® and Dyneema®, the world's strongest fiber™ are trademarks and applications owned by Royal DSM N.V.

About DSM

DSM creates innovative products and services in life sciences and materials sciences, contributing to the quality of life. DSM's products and services are used globally in a wide range of markets and applications, supporting a healthier, more sustainable and enjoyable way of living. End markets include human and animal nutrition and health, personal care, pharmaceuticals, automotive, coatings and paint, electrics & electronics, life protection and housing. The company strategy, Vision 2010 - Building on Strengths, focuses on accelerating profitable and innovative growth of the company's specialties portfolio. The key drivers of this strategy are market-driven growth and innovation, an increased presence in emerging economies and operational excellence. DSM has annual sales of almost EUR 9 billion and employs some 22,000 people worldwide. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, with locations in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia. More information on DSM can be found at

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