Ontario's NDP

Ontario's NDP

October 05, 2007 08:52 ET

Dalton McGuinty Does Not Deserve Another Majority

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2007) - While Dalton McGuinty might enjoy campaigning inside a bubble, Ontarians are tired of his one-note campaign. They're tired of McGuinty's refusal to talk about issues that really matter and what he would do with another majority.

As McGuinty bounces into another school today to hit his one note, here are six questions he refuses to answer - issues he won't talk about.

1. Why is he prepared to give banks and insurance companies a massive tax break but won't give Ontario families a break from his unfair health tax?

2. Why do hard-working Ontarians have to wait for a minimum wage increase while he's already spending his $40,000 pay raise?

3. Why won't he support the NDP's Right-To-Know legislation that would protect families and communities from toxins and environmental hazards?

4. Why is he letting families down and putting education out of reach for many students with skyrocketing tuition and apprenticeship fees?

5. Why is he ignoring the deplorable conditions endured by seniors in some of our long-term care homes when he promised minimum standards of care?

6. Why won't he tell parents how he plans to fix education funding so they don't have to fundraise for basic supplies?

These are the issues Ontarians care about. These are the issues Dalton McGuinty won't address.

McGuinty can't be trusted to keep his promises and he can't be given a free ride or a blank cheque.

The only way to make sure he doesn't let Ontarians down again is to vote for Howard Hampton and the NDP.

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