SOURCE: Bruce Boyers Marketing Services

April 23, 2008 12:08 ET

Data Protection Beyond Backups

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - April 23, 2008) - The corporate methods of record keeping and business transactions have changed radically -- and predictably -- over the last 50 years. All vital business activities including sales leads, finance, customer records, manufacturing and inventory, quality control and even personnel records are now stored on computer. If such crucial data is lost, it can mean catastrophe in lost income and time spent re-creating records.

The technology for data protection has long-since been backups, and this technology, like computing technology, has evolved over the years in an effort to make data restoration, when required, as painless as possible. In larger companies, whole server and disk farms are now dedicated to backing up and protecting a company's vital records and documents, and even the smallest company has some sort of backup system so that ultimately nothing is lost.

Despite these advances, there are still "gaps" between backups during which recently saved data cannot be recovered. Most companies do not perform daily backups -- many are weekly or at best every few days. If an accidental deletion occurs during such a gap -- a very common occurrence -- that file will have to be reconstructed. Hopefully it was nothing needed on an emergency basis, such as for a vital meeting or deadline. If the file was saved on the user's local computer, it can be recovered from the Windows Recycle Bin, but today most user files are saved on a server and hence cannot be recovered through the Windows Recycle Bin. Occasionally Windows Volume Shadow Copies offers data protection where it is implemented, but many times it does not.

The answer is advanced data protection which fills in these gaps between backups. This technology is implemented through an easily installed third-party solution that allows immediate retrieval of files deleted over a network, eliminating the considerable time and expense of reconstructing hours, days, perhaps even weeks of work. Data protection is real-time, and nothing is ever missed.

This solution replaces the Windows Recycle Bin with one of its own, making restoration of any file a quick and easy process. Users can seamlessly recover their own files, all while properly prevented from recovering those belonging to other users or those to which they do not normally have access.

An additional feature allows user recovery of earlier, over-written versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, which normally cannot be recovered in any circumstances.

This type of data protection is the technology that, when added to backups, makes for a complete data protection scheme. It can save enterprises thousands of IT hours spent on lost data and reconstruction of work.

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