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January 26, 2010 15:04 ET

DataCert Releases Innovative, Market-Driven Collaboration Tools for Corporate Counsel and Their Legal Suppliers

New Collaboration Module Delivers on DataCert's Vision of Enabling Seamless Collaboration for Key Legal Processes Within Corporate Legal Departments and With Legal Suppliers

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - January 26, 2010) - DataCert, Inc., the leading global provider of legal operations management solutions, today announced the release of its new Collaboration Module, which streamlines collaborative exchanges of information between corporate legal departments and their outside counsel and legal vendors and enables the capture of richer data in a standardized format. This module is designed with market-driven features that support critical legal operations processes, including timekeeper management and rate negotiations, accruals tracking and reporting, budget creation and management, and monitoring of matter status and progress.

"DataCert's vision for the future of legal, which has been crafted through extensive market research with our Fortune 100 client base and over fifty law firms and other legal suppliers, is to employ extensible technology to enable seamless collaboration and the open sharing of data within corporate legal departments and between corporate counsel and their legal suppliers," stated Jim Tallman, president and chief executive officer, DataCert. "This is simply the first in a series of upcoming announcements that demonstrate the execution of this vision, proving DataCert's industry leadership in delivering innovative collaboration solutions that truly enhance legal departments' productivity, their relationships with their legal suppliers, and their ability to capture and use data effectively."

"DataCert takes a very market-driven approach not just to our product strategy, but also to our product development and we are committed to delivering robust, yet intuitive solutions that benefit both corporate counsel, as well as their legal suppliers," said Mark Poag, general counsel and senior vice president, marketing, DataCert. "When developing our new Collaboration Module, we worked closely with several corporate and law firm clients, some of whom are already using this new module, to understand the specific business needs and processes that underlie the information that corporate legal requests from its outside counsel. For example, beyond simply needing an efficient way to capture vast amounts of timekeeper data for annual rate reviews, what corporate customers really want is to be empowered to conduct peer group analysis and historical rate evaluations. So, unlike other solutions in the market that simply delegate data entry to the legal vendors, which leads to data inconsistency and requires giving vendors access to their client's sensitive legal data, DataCert has delivered a comprehensive set of collaborative tools that provides corporate legal departments with end-to-end support for their business processes, maximum control over the integrity of their data, and richer, and more consistent information for analysis and reporting."

The Collaboration Module is available with all DataCert legal operations management solutions and includes collaborative tools with features such as client-configurable data request templates, the ability to easily bulk request information, and data review workflows. These features enable each legal department to capture the specific data it desires in a standardized format across all its firms, report on the data captured, and use that data analysis to make strategic business decisions. The new module includes:

-- Timekeeper Collaboration -- Enables corporate legal departments to efficiently manage the timekeeper rate review process from start to finish and maintain timekeeper information. Customer-defined templates and the LEDES TK XML format standardize the capture of enhanced timekeeper data to enable more effective timekeeper evaluations and rate negotiations and support diversity initiatives.

-- Accruals Collaboration -- Enables corporate legal departments to easily schedule accruals requests and capture, review, and report on work-in-progress or fee/expense estimates from outside counsel firms to support effective financial planning, reporting, and SOX compliance.

-- Budget Collaboration -- Streamlines the request, receipt, and review of matter budgets from outside counsel firms to enhance corporate legal's financial planning and spend predictability as well as support firm performance evaluation.

-- Matter Narrative Collaboration -- Facilitates the request and receipt of matter narratives and status updates from outside counsel throughout a matter's lifecycle, improving corporate counsel's transparency into outside counsel management of matters and progress towards resolution.

The Collaboration Module leverages DataCert's ShareDoc® network and the use of X.509 certificates to securely transmit data between outside counsel and the legal department, ensuring external parties never have direct access to the department's confidential legal database, maximizing data security.

"Our customers' outside counsel firms and vendors can now use ShareDoc not only to submit invoices, but also to centrally manage all collaborative requests from their clients. We've enhanced ShareDoc with new features for law firms, including tools that enable quick bulk uploads of timekeeper and accruals data and the ability to proactively submit requests for approval of new timekeepers or matter narrative updates. These features make responding to client data requests easy and help drive efficiency for the law firms as well," said Poag.

For more information, please contact DataCert at 800-780-3681 or e-mail (international inquiries) or (North American inquiries).

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