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October 30, 2007 12:07 ET

Davis Instruments Announces CarChip Fleet Pro With GPS and Wireless Download for Small Businesses and Fleet Managers

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - October 30, 2007) - Davis Instruments announces CarChip Fleet Pro with GPS and wireless download for small business and fleet managers at the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Designed with the highest engineering standards and innovation, CarChip Fleet Pro is pioneering the field of small, user-friendly, affordable telematics systems, and is paving the way small businesses and fleet managers improve their bottom lines.

CarChip Fleet Pro with GPS and wireless download provides a comprehensive tool for managing vehicles. It tracks driver and vehicle performance, providing up to 1,200 hours of trip detail. Trip detail includes time and date, speed, distance, hard acceleration and hard deceleration, idle time, and more. It has an audible alarm that notifies drivers when they exceed set driving parameters. It also automatically generates an accident log that shows the critical twenty seconds of speed during the incident.

It also monitors engine performance -- any four out of 23 possible engine parameters, including RPM, throttle position, engine load, coolant temperature, intake manifold pressure, air flow rate, intake air temperature, timing advance, fuel pressure, fuel system status, short- or long-term fuel trim, and oxygen sensor output voltage. With CarChip software, users can read and even clear diagnostic codes themselves.

The GPS module can be set to provide a historical record of where the vehicle was during at any given moment. Vehicle and GPS data are wirelessly and automatically transmitted to a computer up to 600 feet from the vehicle. Up to five base stations can be added to extend the circumference of the reporting area.

Three Bottom-Line Benefits to Businesses

CarChip Fleet Pro with GPS and wireless download offers three bottom-line benefits:

Safety -- Small businesses and fleet managers can prevent accidents by identifying bad driving habits. The audible alarm alerts drivers in real-time that they are speeding, hard braking or exceeding other set parameters.

Savings -- Owners are able to reduce wear and tear on the vehicles and keep them on the road longer. By decreasing or eliminating accidents, they can reduce insurance and worker's comp costs. Better driving habits can translate into increased fuel efficiency and cost savings. Unlike other telematics systems, it is also a one-time purchase with no monthly fees.

Simplicity -- Truly a plug-and-drive product. CarChip Fleet Pro can be installed in the OBD II port in about 15 seconds. Data downloads are fast, simple and easy to read.


The in-car components -- CarChip Fleet Pro, the wireless on-board module, the GPS module, and the GPS/wireless interface module -- are not big, bulky black boxes; they can all fit in your hand. They are truly "plug-and-drive," and are easily installed by people without mechanical or technical backgrounds. Collectively, the in-car components cost $454 per vehicle, which is less than the price of many GPS products. The fleet management software and base station cost $660, are a one-time purchase and can support an unlimited number of vehicles. The CarChip Fleet Pro package has no monthly fees, and quickly pays for itself in fuel, insurance, mechanical, and maintenance costs.


CarChip Fleet Pro -- $169
GPS Module -- $100
Wireless Ion-Board Module -- $120
Interface Module -- $65
*Wireless Base Station -- $200
*Fleet Management Software -- $395
*Configuration Cable -- $65
*one-time cost

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