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October 30, 2007 12:27 ET

Davis Instruments Announces New Version of Award-Winning CarChip for Home & Business

CarChip Pro Empowers Car and Business Owners by Providing Data About Vehicle Performance Behind the Wheel and Under the Hood

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - October 30, 2007) - Davis Instruments announces a new version of its award-winning CarChip automotive data logger at the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas. CarChip Pro is a one-of-a-kind automotive data-logger technology and software designed to monitor vehicle and driver performance. CarChip Pro is currently being used by consumers as well as small business owners and fleet managers nationwide.

CarChip Pro is about the size of a nine-volt battery and plugs into any 1996 or later model vehicle through the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port. CarChip Pro enables users to easily download information from the data logger to a PC using the supplied USB cable and CarChip software. With CarChip Pro, motorists receive up to 300 hours of trip details.

CarChip has won numerous industry awards including "Best Engineered New Product" at SEMA, finalist in TechTV's "Best of CES" and the Consumer Electronics' Show's "Last Gadget Standing." CarChip has garnered praise nationally from parents of teenage drivers who want to take an active role in their teen driver's behind-the-wheel training.

Under the hood and behind the wheel

CarChip Pro provides data on how a car is being driven, including time and date, speed, distance, acceleration and deceleration, idle time, and more. It has an audible alarm that notifies motorists when they are exceeding driving parameters. For those involved in an accident, CarChip Pro automatically generates a log that shows the last twenty seconds of speed before the incident -- data that might prove invaluable when settling an insurance claim.

True performance buffs can choose to monitor any four out of 23 possible engine parameters, including RPM, throttle position, engine load, coolant temperature, intake manifold pressure, air flow rate, intake air temperature, timing advance, fuel pressure, fuel system status, short- or long-term fuel trim, and oxygen sensor output voltage. CarChip Pro offers information on "Check Engine" light problem codes. With CarChip software, users can even clear diagnostic codes themselves.

The Business Connection

CarChip Pro is now being used by small business owners and fleet managers throughout the United States. With CarChip Pro, companies with three or more vehicles can increase employee safety, decrease accidents, lower insurance, mechanical and maintenance costs, and generate higher profit margins. Business owners can view summaries and detailed reports, and copy data to spreadsheets for further analysis.

"With CarChip Pro, we have accomplished our goal of creating a culture of safety. We have changed bad driving habits. And we have saved approximately $500,000 in costs relating to our vehicles," said Jarl Saal, president and founder of First Alarm security company. "CarChip Pro goes beyond paying for itself. No one can dispute its safety and financial benefits to any size company."

CarChip Pro is priced at $119. To learn more about consumer and business applications, visit

About Davis Instruments

Davis Instruments first introduced its DriveRight vehicle monitoring systems in 1995. CarChip was released in 2002. Davis Instruments is also known for its innovative line of consumer electronics, including a complete line of wireless weather monitoring stations. Davis is located in Hayward, California, close to the high-tech Silicon Valley. For more information, call (800) 678 3669 or (510) 732 9229. You can also visit the Davis website at

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