November 10, 2009 11:15 ET

Debut Innovation From New Mobile Accessories Company, AViiQ, Improves Productivity With Enhanced Ergonomics

AViiQ Takes a Stand Against Bad Angles With Portable Laptop Stand

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - November 10, 2009) - New mobile accessories company, AViiQ (, today debuted its first offering, the AViiQ™ Portable Laptop Stand. This innovative product decisively proves that bad ergonomics no longer needs to be the status quo for laptop users.

Accommodating all laptops -- including the 17-inch-wide models -- the AViiQ™ Portable Laptop Stand not only improves visibility and decreases screen glare, it is the ultimate in convenience, effortlessly folding down to 1/4-inch for exceptional storage and portability.

With an ergonomically ideal 12-degree angle, the AViiQ™ Portable Laptop Stand also helps dissipate heat, a common problem with laptops.

"Laptop stands in and of themselves are nothing new," explains AViiQ Director of Marketing, Alan Yeung. "But most laptop stands are bound to the desk or used on the lap at home. You certainly wouldn't be able to travel with it effectively."

AViiQ's design team completely deconstructed the laptop stand and reevaluated it from a functionality perspective.

"We developed a feature scope that defined what an iconic user would want in a laptop stand," Senior Product Designer, Cezanne Farris-Gilbert describes. "Then we worked through a myriad of variants before finding a solution that satisfied all the features we wanted the stand to have."

"The end result," Yeung adds, "is the physical manifestation of our original wish list. We have a hard time calling it a 'Laptop Stand' when it is really a 'Productivity Maximizing/Battery Lifetime Extending' tool."

Offering a minimal profile, the AViiQ™ Portable Laptop Stand is crafted from four lightweight, aluminum plates. The aluminum itself is made of Hylite, a composite material that is crafted from aluminum sheets that have been bonded to a polypropylene core. AViiQ's laptop design mills the aluminum on the hinge, enhancing flexibility. The result is a patented folding mechanism that offers the ultimate in traveler-friendly lightweight portability.

Additionally, the Hylite, together with the angle, help better dissipate heat to promote improved battery life and enhance machine longevity.

The AViiQ™ Portable Laptop Stand is the first in a product line that the design team promises will deliver superior functionality and craftsmanship. To learn more about AViiQ or to view the AViiQ™ Portable Laptop Stand, please visit

ABOUT AViiQ: AViiQ was founded to create laptop accessories that maximize productivity through enhanced functionality. Laptops revolutionized the computer world by adding the freedom of mobility. AViiQ transforms that freedom into power. For the on-the-go laptop user, AViiQ offers the finest in function and style.

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