January 15, 2008 08:30 ET Canadian Women Want 'Firmer' Options When It Comes to Aging

Results of Nation-wide survey show Canadian women favour cosmetic treatments over growing old naturally

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 15, 2008) - According to the national findings of an interactive poll by, which asked boomer women across Canada how they define their aging mindset, most women are glad to have options when it comes to dealing with the aging process. When asked to further describe their day-to-day cosmetic choices and future options, women leaned more towards some form of cosmetic maintenance instead of choosing a more natural route.

A total of 5,361 women from across Canada took part in the online poll, which launched October 29 and ran until January 11, 2008. Women were asked to define their attitudes towards aging and select one of five profiles that best describes their aging philosophy: The Naturalist (as nature intended us to be), Simple is Best (I love my wrinkles), Practical Maintainer (glad to have options), Upkeep For Me (aging gracefully isn't all its cracked up to be), and High Esthetic (always put your best face toward). Here is what was found:

- 54 percent Practical Maintainers
- 19 percent Upkeep For Me
- 10 percent High Esthetic
- 9 percent Simple is Best
- 8 percent Naturalist
(Overall, 83 percent selected profiles that described an open-mindedness
to explore cosmetic help.)

Going deeper, the interactive poll asked boomer women to select one of four aging attributes across all profile categories - not constraining them to selecting attributes within their established profile. This allowed the respondents to further describe their mindset around aging and give a more rounded picture of the cosmetic choices women are making that may not match with their overall aging profile.

"These findings paint an interesting picture of Canadian women," says Catharine Fennell, creative director Define and managing partner in SwingThink, the agency behind the Define Yourself campaign. "It shows that contrary to what we might say externally, as women we do not always "kiss and tell" when it comes to aging. We might say practical maintainer best describes me, but when probed, we really do believe that we can all benefit from a little help."

A staggering 80 percent of the Practical Maintainers leaned more towards Upkeep For Me, selecting three or more attributes from this category to describe themselves. By choosing these attributes, Canadian women are saying they: "aspire to maintain a certain image," "wear makeup almost every day," and "will explore and try a range of cosmetic enhancement treatments."

The remaining 20 percent of Practical Maintainers chose three or more attributes from the High Esthetic category, where the mindset is: "Everyone can benefit from a little touch up," "I would never leave the house without make-up," and "I will undergoing a range of cosmetic maintenance and treatments."

Ann Oconnellein, who completed the online polls and is one of the six women representing Define Yourself's Season Two, makes high esthetic choices and like most women stills struggles with her inner values. "With the growing popularity of new non-invasive procedures, I really do find myself struggling to find some balance between taking advantage of these new options and falling victim to what some might call society's pressures to keep looking young."

"We are seeing more and more women opt for some type of procedure," says Dr. Bertucci, a Toronto-based cosmetic dermatologist. "In 2003, there were over 302,000 surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements performed in Canada - an increase of nearly 25 percent from 2002, and this trends show no sign of stopping." (Source: Medicard)

This poll ran simultaneous to the second season of the Define Yourself campaign, which featured six boomer women who each represented one of the five profiles featured in the interactive poll. The season ran over a six week period with a series of video "webisodes" that followed the six women, who ranged in age from 43 to 57 years old as they explored and debated their positions on aging. To view the webisodes from Season Two or Season One, visit

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