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Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

November 24, 2009 09:53 ET

Delaware River Waterfront Corporation Announces Selection of Consulting Team to Develop the Master Plan for the Central Delaware Riverfront

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - November 24, 2009) - The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) is pleased to announce the team that has been selected to develop the Master Plan for the Central Delaware Waterfront. The leaders of the team are Alex Cooper of Cooper Robertson & Partners, Lucinda Sanders of OLIN, James Timberlake of KieranTimberlake, and John Alschuler, Jr. of HR&A Associates. Today the Board of Directors authorized DRWC staff to negotiate and develop a $1 million contract for the Master Plan. The funding for this contract is provided by a grant from the William Penn Foundation.

"The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation's selection of a Master Plan Team is another big step forward in transforming the Central Delaware into a world class waterfront," said Mayor Michael A. Nutter. "Development of our waterfront is a priority for the entire city and I am particularly excited that citizens have had an unprecedented opportunity to play a role in this major project for the future of Philadelphia. Beginning with the Civic Vision for the Central Delaware developed by Penn Praxis and continuing with the establishment of the DRWC and the selection of the Master Plan team, waterfront development in Philadelphia is open, transparent, and is moving forward quickly."

The full team includes Cooper Robertson & Partners, master planners; the OLIN Partnership, landscape architects; and KieranTimberlake, architects; as well as HR&A Advisors, who will prepare the economic analysis of both public and private projects and who will be integrated into every phase of the master planning assignment. The team also includes several other subconsultants in the fields of transportation, traffic engineering, planning and zoning law, ecology and historic preservation in order to address various elements of the plan.

Additional information on these four firms can be found on their respective websites:

Cooper Robertson & Partners



HR&A Advisors

Members of the Planning Committee of the DRWC used the following four criteria to select this team from a pool of five highly-qualified teams that were interviewed in late October:

--  Experience of lead planning and design firm(s) in formulating
    successful urban waterfront master plans
--  Quality and experience of sub-consultants in the areas of economic
    development, transportation, civil engineering, environmental planning, and
    civic participation
--  Cohesiveness of team and efficiency and accountability of proposed
    project management
--  Vision and strategic approach to the plan

"We have chosen a team of exceptional designers and planners who deeply understand the particular post-industrial qualities and challenges of Philadelphia's waterfront," said Marilyn Jordan Taylor, Dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and Chairman of the DRWC Planning Committee. "They will bring inspiration, creative designs, and astute analysis as we turn our civic vision for the Central Delaware into an adopted Master Plan that can guide many years of private and public investment."

"The principal partners in this team are among the most credible professionals in their respective fields," said DRWC President Tom Corcoran. "Cooper Robertson is one of the most experienced planners of successful waterfront projects in the United States. Olin has an international reputation in the field of landscape architecture and the architectural firm of Kiernan Timberlake has won numerous national awards and has a reputation for innovation in sustainable design. Lastly, the firm of HR&A is one of the most respected real estate and economic development consultants in the country."

The Central Delaware Riverfront extends from Allegheny Avenue on the north to Oregon Avenue on the south, and from the Delaware River on the east to Interstate-95 on the west. The master plan will address land use; utilities and infrastructure investment; street plans; provisions for public transit; pedestrian and bicycle trail alignment, neighborhood connections, and related facilities; public access to the river's edge; and urban design guidelines. The master plan will also address legal issues related to riparian rights and property easements.

In the next month, DRWC will finalize contract negotiations with the chosen team, and work is expected to begin on the master plan in early January. The planning work is expected to last for 12-18 months and involve extensive engagement of all riverfront stakeholders, including private owners and developers, industries, neighborhood and civic groups, governmental and institutional stakeholders, and related city-wide and regional nonprofits.

The Master Plan for the Central Delaware Waterfront will use the Civic Vision for the Central Delaware completed by PennPraxis and WRT in 2007 as a blueprint. The Master Plan will take the values and principles set forth in the vision plan and translate them into concrete land use, zoning, and transportation plans. The Master Plan is the link between vision and implementation, and is the next step in the transformation of the Delaware waterfront.


Delaware River Waterfront Corporation is a nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for the benefit of the City of Philadelphia and its citizens. DRWC acts as the steward of the Delaware River waterfront to provide a benefit to all of the citizens and visitors of the City.

The fundamental purpose of DRWC is to design, develop and manage the Central Delaware River waterfront in Philadelphia between Oregon and Allegheny Avenues. DRWC intends to transform the Central Delaware River waterfront into a vibrant destination location for recreational, cultural, and commercial activities for the residents and visitors of Philadelphia. DRWC will serve as a catalyst for high quality investment in public parks, trails, maritime, residential, retail, hotel and other improvements that create a vibrant amenity, extending Philadelphia to the river's edge.

DRWC is open, transparent and accountable in connection with its operations and activities with respect to the waterfront. Through the judicious use of financing, land acquisition and development capabilities, the Corporation will work cooperatively with city, state and federal agencies to ensure the realization of the City's vision for the Central Delaware River.

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