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November 18, 2009 06:15 ET

Delivra Unveils Engagement Segmentation Tool

Proprietary Index Determines Member Engagement Level

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwire - November 18, 2009) - Delivra (, one of the original email marketing software companies that works with the nation's leading brands, unveiled its recipient engagement segmentation tool, which allows email marketers to tailor messages and offers based on recipients' interactions with previous mailings. This new tool is available at no charge to all Delivra customers.

The Engagement Segmentation Tool tracks the recipient's responses to each email and then utilizes a proprietary Engagement Index to assign an engagement score. This score helps email marketers make decisions about future email content and frequency. For example, a recipient who opens an email and clicks on a link within the body will be scored higher than a recipient who opens the email but takes no further action. List members who click on links can receive emails with more information and resources. Marketers also can attempt to re-engage members who appear to have lost interest by sending them special offers or other incentives that aren't offered to more engaged members.

"Segmenting by recipient engagement adds another layer to traditional segmentation, making email messages even more targeted and relevant," explains Kris Dougherty, director of operations & deliverability for Delivra. "List members receive exactly the kind of email their history proves they want, improving satisfaction and open rates, while reducing unsubscribes caused by sending the wrong information. In addition, marketers can tailor sales messages, rather than trying to reach everyone with a single approach."

Delivra's email marketing platform also can incorporate clickstream and purchase tracking data into the engagement measurement, and can be used in conjunction with demographic data to allow even more precise segmentation.

A whitepaper, "Engage the Right Audience: Using Segmentation and Targeting for More Effective Email Marketing," is available at

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