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Delphi Corporation

April 15, 2010 10:00 ET

Delphi Introduces Low-Cost, High-Value Smart Parking Guidance System

Delphi Offers an Innovative Real-World Solution to Help Make Backing and Parking Easier

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - April 15, 2010) - Delphi Corp. has developed a new smart parking guidance system (PGS) that will help bring parking aid technology to the volume market. Using a rear-view camera and advanced algorithms to calculate the vehicle's path, the PGS offers vehicle manufacturers an affordable parking guide solution that helps make the once difficult process of backing and parking easier.

By relying on a sophisticated rear-view camera and advanced algorithms to calculate the backing path, Delphi's parking guidance system eliminates the need for ultrasonic sensors, enabling desired functionality at lower cost.

In addition to its affordability, Delphi's PGS is flexible enough to meet the differing needs of vehicle manufacturers. It can be implemented with a rear-view camera and a smart processing unit or with Delphi's "smart" rear-view camera that integrates the system's control electronics and camera into one compact package.

The rear-view camera enables a range of systems. From a system that provides drivers an unprocessed image of the scene behind the vehicle to systems that include sophisticated image processing algorithms for object detection, object classification and range estimation, Delphi's PGS will help drivers make easier, safer and customized back-up maneuvers. Special features include electronic distortion correction, static and dynamic overlays. 

"Delphi's parking guidance system not only guides drivers through the parking maneuver, it helps them estimate their proximity to other vehicles and obstacles more accurately," said Henry Kong, Asia Pacific manager for Advanced Product Development, Delphi Electronics & Safety. "It offers drivers a more natural perspective using static and dynamic overlays and electronically corrects distorted wide angle or 'fish-eye' video frames in real-time."

To further aid in challenging parallel and angle parking situations, Delphi's PGS offers auditory and on-screen visual parking guidance. When the driver selects a parking mode, the system helps the driver select a parking spot by measuring available spaces to determine if the vehicle will fit and guides the driver through the parking maneuver. As the driver continues to park, the system provides the spoken step-by-step instructions required to park the car while superimposing guidelines on the vehicle's display. 

"Not only is the design of Delphi's parking guidance system user-friendly, its scalable architecture allows for features to be tailored to specific customer requirements," said Kong. "The new system's design allows us to offer our customers a feature set that meets their specific requirements." 

Delphi has successfully completed product development for the parking guidance system which is expected to be available in 2011. Delphi's China Technical Center (CTC) will be the center of expertise for this system. The CTC is one of several strategically located world-class research and development centers that Delphi has established worldwide.

"Delphi's footprint, coupled with the company's strong engineering resources and localized manufacturing capabilities, exemplifies our commitment to grow with our customers in the Asia Pacific region and around the world," said Rick Erwin, general director, Engineering, Customer Satisfaction and Program Management, Delphi Electronics & Safety. "Delphi is well-positioned to understand customer needs locally and offer innovative solutions to domestic vehicle manufacturers in China and throughout the global market."

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