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October 01, 2008 13:00 ET

Delphi Technologies Displayed on New Models at Paris Motor Show

Technologies Address Global Concerns of Customer Safety, Environmental Responsibility and Personal Connectivity

PARIS--(Marketwire - October 1, 2008) - As one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced automotive systems, Delphi Corp. (PINKSHEETS: DPHIQ) is well-positioned to help vehicle manufacturers turn their visions into realities. Those visions include vehicles that lead their classes in safety, are environmentally responsible, and are linked into personal and business networks.

From the latest electronics and safety systems to intelligent electrical/electronic architecture and from environmentally friendly powertrain technologies to advanced thermal systems, Delphi's portfolio of high-technology solutions covers almost every area of advanced vehicle engineering.

"Delphi is committed to providing innovative technologies to consumers and offering our customers a competitive advantage," said Ron Pirtle, President Delphi Europe, Middle-East and Africa. "We anticipate significant growth in three major marketing trends -- which we've labeled Safe, Green and Connected -- in every corner of the world. Generally speaking, all of the automobile markets are showing increasing interest in improved vehicle safety, environmentally friendly products, and technologies that keep drivers and occupants connected to their lives."

Innovative technologies included on new models shown at the Paris Motor Show include:

--  A new highly-durable automotive cable with significantly lighter and
    thinner insulation than traditional cable, Delphi's halogen-free ultra-thin-
    wall cable, will make its debut in Europe beginning in 2009. Halogen-Free
    Cable, a recyclable and environmentally friendly product, is free of
    dangerous halogens and offers excellent pinch resistance, nearly double
    that of traditional cable, and outstanding abrasion resistance.  The use of
    this advanced cable also leads to cable size and weight reduction which, in
    turn, results in lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions produced
    by the vehicle.
--  The Multec Common Rail (CR) Diesel Fuel Injection System from Delphi
    is widely used throughout the industry. It is a high-value, cost-
    competitive servo-hydraulic system that is not only high performance but
    simple and robust. In addition, Delphi's Multec CR injection is easily
    packaged, and utilizes less space than competing systems. Many of the
    world's top automakers have chosen this Delphi system and it is featured on
    the new Dacia Logan, Dacia Sandero, Renault Kangoo, and Renault Megane III.
--  Delphi's patented Fuba ScanDiv™ IC - featured on the new Porsche
    911, defines the next level of antenna diversity technology. Incorporating
    more than 20 years of experience developing high-performing multi-antenna
    systems, Delphi's ScanDiv IC provides maximum system flexibility and value.
    Its designed-in flexibility enables optimal RDS (Radio Data System) and TMC
    (Traffic Message Channel) functionality.
--  The Delphi Fuba™ TV Reception System - featured on the new BMW
    Series 7 and Porsche 911, uses multiple in-glass or composite body
    structure antennas, integrated amplifiers and ScanDiv™ scanning
    diversity technology to provide worldwide color TV reception in vehicles.
    Patented ScanDiv technology automatically selects the best audio and video
    signal from the four antennas to provide passengers in-home TV quality.
--  Delphi provides climate control systems that result in enhanced
    vehicle performance, durability, comfort, and efficiency, while delivering
    the most cost-effective solution. Delphi -- which has supplied the climate
    control systems for all Ferrari models dating back to 1993 -- is supplying
    the new Ferrari California with the complete air conditioning system. New
    models shown in Paris featuring Delphi's heating, ventilation and air
    conditioning (HVAC) system also include the Opel Insignia and Renault
    Laguna Coupé.
--  With its increased fuel-efficiency and precise, predictable steering
    with less driver effort, the electric power steering (EPS) is one of the
    most appreciated consumer features. Drivers benefit from Delphi's EPS
    system through its improved on-center feel and active return-to-center,
    which requires less driver effort. The active damping is designed to make
    steering feel more precise and predictable. Other benefits include reduced
    workload and less over-steer, along with increased vehicle stability and
    safety. Delphi's EPS is featured on the new Alfa Romeo Mito, Fiat 500
    Abarth and Ford Ka.

New vehicles featuring Delphi technology include:

Alfa Romeo Mito           Electric power steering (EPS), steering column
                          switch, body computer module, 1.4 turbo engine
                          injection harness, immobilizer, RF remote control
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Audi A6 restyled          Satellite digital audio reception system (SDARS)
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Audi Q5 restyled          Ultrasonic with inclination sensor, satellite
                          digital audio reception system (SDARS), alarm
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
BMW 3-Series restyled     Seat switches, window lifter switch, steering
                          wheel switches and paddles, reception system
                          backlite antennas (AM-FM-DIV-TV-DAB)
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
BMW 7-Series restyled     Reception systems, TV hybrid receiver, switches,
                          roof module
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Citroën C3 Picasso        Column integrated module (COM2005 EV2), radio
                          switch,cruise control, seat heating switch
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Dacia Logan restyled      Diesel common rail systems (diesel engine K9K
                          HP/BP), fuse box, various connectors
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Dacia Sandero restyled    Diesel common rail system, fuse box
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Ferrari California        Electrical/electronic system components including
                          wiring harnesses featuring halogen-free ultra-
                          thin-wall cable, complete air conditioning system
                         (including dual-zone heating, ventilation and air
                          conditioning (HVAC), condenser with integrated
                          receiver drier, last generation of compact
                          variable compressor with specific features to
                          meet the high engine speed and acceleration,
                          control head and software and additional system
                          components), MagneRide controlled suspension
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Fiat 500 Abarth           Electric power steering, E/E distribution system,
                          body computer module (BCM, Housing, headers and
                          Fuseblock), RF Key PCB (remote control), USB
                          Port, 38-pole connector to control the Antilock-
                          brake-system, immobilizer coil
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Ford Fiesta               Ultrasonic alarm system, sounder, door connectors
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Ford Ka                   Electric power steering, wiring harness,
                          connectors, radio, body computer module
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Ford Kuga                 Cruise control switch
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Lancia Delta              USB Consumer Port
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Mercedes GLK              Electrical/electronic distribution systems,
                          reception systems, security sensor, passenger
                          occupant detection system (PODS), DAB receiver,
                          Satellite audio digital reception system for US
                          models (SDARS)
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Opel Insignia             Hydraulic steering gears, Magna Steer™, hoses
                          & reservoirs, heating, ventilation and air
                          conditioning (HVAC), fixed compressor, all
                          electrical/electronic distribution systems
                         (except ECM harness), content theft (ultrasonic
                          inclination sensor and sounder)
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Peugeot 308 CC            Body control module, electronic key fob,
                          transponder antenna, alarm system, capacitive
                          door handle, neck heating, convertible roof
                          control unit
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Porsche 911 restyled      ScanDiv™ antenna system, TV hybrid receiver
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Renault Kangoo Compact    Stalk switches, diesel common rail
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Renault Laguna Coupé      Headlamp leveling module and dimmer, trunk
                          switch, connectors 6-way header, heating,
                          ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Renault Megane III        Diesel common rail systems, cam phaser on K4M+
                         (1,6l 16V), trunk switch, headlamp leveling
                          module, dimmer, hazard/door lock, connectors
                          6-way header
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Seat Ibiza                Head airbag, radiator, compressor (for selected
                          engines), transponder, ultrasonic (as an option)
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Skoda Superb restyled     Ultrasonic with Inclination Sensor
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Volkswagen Golf VI        Radio generation III on certain models, satellite
                          digital audio reception system (SDARS),
                          immobilizer system, passenger occupant detection
                          system (PODS) on US models, charge air cooler
                         (depending on engine type, featured in common rail
                          diesel engines), compressor (depending on engine
                          type, featured in common rail diesel engines)
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Volkswagen Scirocco       Ultrasonic alarm, audio amplifier and receiver,
                          radio generation III (on certain models),
                          immobilizer system, alarm system, radio,
                          ultrasonic with inclination sensor
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------
Volvo XC60                Multiple Integrated Antenna System (consisting of
                          a scanning AM/FM diversity that alternates with
                          DAB and roof mounted shark fin antenna
---------------------     -------------------------------------------------

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