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October 08, 2007 09:00 ET

'The Democratic Future of Merchandising': THE DRESDEN DOLLS Announce Collaborative New Merch Project '/POST-WAR TRADE/'

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2007) - THE DRESDEN DOLLS' live shows have long been marked by free-spirited collaboration and a blurring of boundaries between artist and audience. Now that same ethos of embracing creativity wherever it is found is coming to the merchandise booth with THE DRESDEN DOLLS' new merchandising concept /POST-WAR TRADE/.

Inviting fans and professional artists alike to not only share, but to share in the profits from, their band-inspired designs, /POST-WAR TRADE/ offers a consolidated internet forum for the exchange of ideas. It's a chance for artists and artisans to reach out directly to like-minded fans, and -- more importantly to singer/pianist AMANDA PALMER -- "We will pick the stuff that we think is amazing enough to be reproduced en masse," and a large cut of the profit will go to the artist.

"No artisan is too professional or amateur to get involved," says AMANDA (who, along with drummer BRIAN VIGLIONE, comprises THE DRESDEN DOLLS).

Each item will exist only as a limited edition and artists will use the band's logo on their creation or, alternately, incorporate a theme of a song or lyrics into each design. PALMER clarifies: "We're picking up where KISS left off and handing it off directly to our friends and fans. We're hoping to get all sorts of submissions -- everything from tea cozies and weathervanes to soap and laptop cases. Ok, coffins too. But I think I might feel weird about that one."

This exciting new concept only formalizes what has been going on for years: "So often, our fans handmade a Dolls-inspired purse/ shirt/ lunchbox/ duct-tape creation/ thing and heard someone next to them say, 'You made that? Can I pay you to make me one?'" AMANDA explains.

Fans have begun submitting ideas for what AMANDA dubs "the democratic future of merchandising." The launch is being overseen by THE DRESDEN DOLLS tour manager, friend, and artist in her own right Katie Kay. Meanwhile, L.A.-based design house Skin.Graft, and VIKK Clothing -- by collaborators Tory J. Lowitz (American Apparel) and Art Director John Anderson -- have signed on for the launch of /POST-WAR TRADE/.

Already, /POST-WAR TRADE/ is catching the attention of the press: "The golden age of band merchandise has passed," writes The Boston Herald. "Enter punk-cabaret duo the Dresden Dolls... [/Post-War Trade/ is] an opportunity for Dolls fans to design anything from T-shirts and purses to knickknacks and artwork. After all, usually the ones with the coolest ideas for band merch are the fans themselves."

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