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September 26, 2007 08:30 ET

Diamant Art Corporation Continues to Take the Lead in Developing Effective Solutions for Superior and Faster Degrading Products to Meet Increasing Demand

Diamante's Packaging Film Contributes to Rapidly Developing Environmental Challenges Involving the Timely Biodegration Process by Utilizing 25% Less Material Than Most Food Wraps Currently Being Used for Meat And Poultry Packaging

TORONTO--(Marketwire - September 26, 2007) - Diamant Art Corporation (OTCBB: DIAAF), through its division Diamant Film Inc., is pleased to announce that the company's expectation of anticipated growth has increased significantly, due to the recent increase in exposure to the growing challenges of traditional biodegrading practices.

As announced on 06/29/07, The Diamant Film Inc. elaborated on the Company's Environmentally Friendly Products in a release to update the shareholders. Reference was made to their achievement of Meeting increasing Retailer Packaging Requirements, with their production strategy of utilizing 25% less material than previously used food wraps for meat, poultry, and other food products.

In a recent press release published by Epic, the Environment and Plastics Industry Council, the ever increasing challenges of the current biodegradation process were highlighted. According to the press releases, "Scientific research has demonstrated that very little biodegrades in modern sanitary landfills." It continued by revealing that Landfill excavations have uncovered newspapers that are still readable after almost 40 years, ten year-old carrots that are brown on the outside and bright orange on the inside, and 20 year-old steaks with meat still on the bones. To read the press release in its entirety, go to:

The announcement concluded with a reference to Europe's legislation that has been enacted to reduce the quantity of biodegradable materials permitted to go to landfills. The solution to the landfill "crunch" is quickly becoming evident as a greater reliance upon integrated resource management strategies such as source reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, and the safe recovery of energy from garbage.

By replacing PVC with Diamant's revolutionary films, vendors will be reducing their usage of material by 25%. PVC has a density of 1.25 compared to Diamant's wrap, which has a density of 1. Subsequently, a roll of film of 17" x 5000' of PVC weighs about 30 pounds and Diamant roll 17" x 5000' weighs about 20 lbs. Additionally Diamant's film is bio-degradable making it a degradable solution that also utilizes 25% less space at the landfill.

"With global retailers like WalMart, publicizing their desire to conform their standards to ecologically friendly solutions as awareness is increased, we are very well positioned to be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving marketplace," stated Diamant Art Corporation CEO and President, Stefan Gudmundsson.

About Diamant Film Inc.: Diamant Film Inc. is a division of Diamant Art Corporation. Diamant's Bio-Products contain Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (TDPA) Oxo-Biodegradable Technology. TDPA-based plastic products will degrade and ultimately biodegrade. Unlike other plastic, once biodegrading is complete, all that remains is carbon dioxide, water and biomass, all of which are part of the normal bio-cycle.

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