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January 14, 2008 08:00 ET

Dianor Resources Inc.: Mori Drilling Results Confirm Similarities to the Leadbetter Diamondiferous Conglomerate


Dianor Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:DOR) in conjunction with its joint venture partners Metalex Ventures Limited (TSX VENTURE:MTX) and Mori Diamonds Inc. are pleased to inform our shareholders that partial results have been received for drill core samples from the Mori joint venture properties located 3 kilometres North East and North West of the Leadbetter Diamond Property in the Wawa area of Ontario. The drill cores were processed by attrition milling at the CF Minerals Research Limited laboratory in Kelowna, British Columbia to recover both diamonds and indicator minerals. In addition, all results of surface outcrop sampling conducted in 2006 and submitted to SGS and CF Minerals for processing have been received for the Mori East and West claim block (refer to press release of April 27, 2007 for preliminary surface sample results and drilling programme data).

Selected intervals of drill core were processed at CF Minerals in order to confirm surface sample diamond results and obtain an initial appraisal of the diamond potential of the Mori properties.

The results, in general, indicate that the conglomerate on the Mori East block has similarities to the Leadbetter Conglomerate in terms of diamond content and indicator minerals. The three (3) kilometre long diamond bearing conglomerate band on the Mori East block is situated on the east side of the Mildred Lake Fault and is the faulted eastern continuation of the main diamond bearing Leadbetter Conglomerate located approximately 3.5 kilometres to the south. Exposures of the conglomerate attain thicknesses on surface of up to 180 metres and dips steeply to the north- northwest. Preliminary drilling results support these findings.

Of the 13 holes drilled on the eastern Mori claim block, results have been received for a selection of 70 samples totalling 1,800.25 kilograms of conglomerate from 10 of the drill holes. Only a sufficient number of results were received for three (3) holes and these are reported below. Results for a further 174 samples are awaited. A total of 788 diamonds were recovered from the 625.63 kg of conglomerate drill core with diamond counts up to 17 stones per 10 kilograms of core in a number of the intervals sampled. The two largest diamonds were from samples taken from drill hole MN-07-02. These diamonds were recovered on the 0.85 millimetre square aperture sieve and weighed 1.4966 and 1.7332 milligrams respectively and were reported as brown macles or crystal aggregates. The two largest diamonds measured 1.122mm x 1.212 mm x 0.83 mm and 0.919mm x 0.850mm x 0.930mm.

Summary of Preliminary Drill Core Diamond Recoveries from the MORI Joint
Venture Properties.
Drill_Hole Weight Diamond Count per bottom sieve Total
Number Kg (aperture in microns(i)) Diamonds
+75 +105 +150 +212 +300 +425 +600 +850
MN 07-01 372.40 267 112 114 104 36 9 2 0 644
MN 07-02 167.88 63 21 17 26 8 1 2 2 140
MW 07-02 85.35 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 4

(i) 1000 microns = 1 millimetre
MN = Mori East block; MW = Mori West block

All results of surface sampling conducted in 2006 on the Mori East block and submitted to SGS and CF Minerals for processing have been received. The 21 surface samples taken across the exposures of the eastern extension of the Leadbetter Conglomerate weighed a total of 367.33 kilograms. A total of 382 diamonds ranging in size up to an 18.635 milligram stone of dimensions 2.869 x 2.508 x 1.850 millimetres were recovered. These results continue to demonstrate the continuity of the Conglomerate and its diamondiferous character along its 3 kilometre strike length.

Diamond indicator minerals were recovered through the attrition milling processing of core and surface samples at C.F. Minerals Research in Kelowna. These diamond indicators are comparable to those recovered from the Leadbetter Conglomerate and include group I eclogitic garnets, chromites, chrome diopsides and olivines with compositions similar to those minerals found associated with diamond bearing kimberlites. The abundance of olivines and diopsides suggests a proximal source for these minerals.

Processing of the remaining conglomerate intervals intersected in drill core will proceed in order to assess the overall diamond content of the conglomerate in the areas drilled on the JV property. The joint venture looks forward to the results of the remaining conglomerate drill core samples.

The LOI property option (press release May 7, 2007) expired in November 2007 but negotiations are ongoing with the vendors to continue with the evaluation of the property. No definitive decision has been made by Dianor on the technical merits of the LOI property as diamond results from the drill cores are awaited. Once all the drill results are available then all options will be reviewed by the Company regarding the LOI property.

Mr. Carl Verley, P.Geo is the Qualified Person responsible for the technical contents of this press release.

Dianor is an innovative exploration company focused on advancing diamond exploration properties in Canada. The Leadbetter Diamond Project is its most advanced project and is located 12 kilometres north east of Wawa in Northern Ontario. It is a unique diamond deposit that in addition to diamonds it contains gold, sapphires and rubies (press release January 18th 2007). It is also the oldest in the world being dated at 2.697 billion years old (press release April 4th 2007). Substantial exploration work has been conducted on the property and the Company is about to undertake a 6,000 metre drilling programme and conduct a 34,000 tonne bulk sampling programme in 2008.

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