November 14, 2006 09:54 ET

Did Your School Get an "A" in Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll?

NEW YORK--(Collegiate Presswire - November 14, 2006) -, today's definitive source for irreverent student humor and co-ed pop culture, will release its first annual "Power Rankings" - a scientifically-calculated index of schools where students can find out where to go to follow the age-old college mantra of having the most fun while putting forth the least effort. While the ever popular US News & World Report index caters to the type A and B-level student,'s list is dedicated solely to the Van Wilder generation of students who just want a place to go enjoy the fruits of his parents' labor for the next four to six years.

"Every academic list under the sun has been compiled except one that accurately reflects the intrinsic wants and needs of every college student - sex, drugs and rock & roll. Our goal was to find the school that would best fit the needs of a student like that of Ferris Bueller," says co-founder and editor-in-chief Ricky Van Veen. "Applying to college isn't just about academics and molding your future career path anymore. In this day and age, kids are more interested in choosing a school where they can go to get a more well-rounded, non-traditional education that includes everything from frat parties to hooking up."

While other popular college surveys compile lists of the best schools based on the best grade point averages, SAT scores and graduation rates,'s "Power Rankings" employ a unique and complex formula involving serious empirical data. Among a total of 10 different categories, schools could gain points for having access to free condoms in their campus health center and lose points for each male A cappella group at the school. A few examples of the categories that score's "Power Rankings" include:

-- Male A cappella vocal groups

-- Percentage of females listed in a relationship (compiled on

-- Free condoms given away at school health center

-- What time bars in the college town close

-- % Greek

-- Visiting bands Billboard peak position

-- Director's Cup Ranking

In total, 50 schools were "Power Ranked." Within the chosen schools, this year's, #1 "Power Ranking" crown goes to Michigan State University, weighing in with the best overall score and ranking within the top ten schools in six different categories. The most disappointing "Power Ranking" score goes to Texas Tech University who ranked within the bottom ten schools in six categories. Though the "Power Ranking" list is presented in the same format as the U.S. News & World Report rankings, the editors of don't see the same frenzied effort from college administrations about moving up on their list. "Four years is a long time, and we hope that future college students will come to rely heavily on's annual Power Rankings for what is sure to be the cornerstone of their education," said Ricky Van Veen. "Our mission is to motivate current and prospective students to do everything in their power to help elevate their schools ranking each year by finding the delicate balance of partying while passing."

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