Gloo Studios, Inc.

Gloo Studios, Inc.

March 08, 2010 09:30 ET

Die Hardly Working: Gloo Studios Releases Top Production To Comedy Giant College Humor

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 8, 2010) - Gloo Studios, Inc., has released today its biggest production for College Humor, joining the roll of the company's top-rated videos such as "We Didn't Start the Flame War" and "Pixar Intro Parody."

"Die Hardly Working", easily the most ambitious project Gloo has worked on for the Internet comedy giant so far, features the College Humor staff literally hunting each other down - using everything from guns and machetes to a high powered laser. Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson "Die Hardly Working" is already an Internet classic, and a unique showcase of over-the-top action, thanks to visual effects (FX) supplied by Gloo's Visual FX Head Mike Ritchie.

"Almost every shot in the video had an FX element attached to it," says Ritchie. "They wanted me to go all out with (Die Hardly Working): no explosion was too big. I was more than happy to oblige and got to try a lot of new techniques. I'm over the moon with the results."

Ritchie also created the animation and FX for two of College Humor's most popular videos ever, "We Didn't Start the Flame War" and "Pixar Intro Parody". "Flame War" has received over 4.5 million views on YouTube alone, whereas "Pixar" has recently surpassed 2 million.

Today's release of "Die Hardly Working" coincides with Gloo's new website launch. Gloo Studios has restructured and reformatted the company's website to provide a more engaging experience for their upcoming and existing audience. The fresh film production company also recently decided to revamp their Internet and social media presence to capitalize on the tremendous growth Gloo Studios has experienced, and to create better awareness of the company's brand.

"Before the upgrade, we were just using our website to showcase our work and that was it," said Paul Lowey, Gloo President. "Now we're providing our users with a more powerful and intimate look at the creative minds behind Gloo Studios."

"Our old website looked great, but we didn't feel it really captured the essence of Gloo. Users will now get a better idea of what Gloo Studios is all about - and have some fun in the process," said Jason Hujber, Gloo Creative Director.

Gloo's website features all of the videos the Gloo Studios crew has worked in, including the comic productions especially developed for - and featured on - College Humor.

Watch "Die Hardly Working" and other videos on Gloo Studios' new website at

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Founded in 2009, Gloo Studios Inc. is a film production company based in Vancouver, BC, specializing in animation and visual FX. Owned and operated by Paul Lowey (President), Mike Ritchie (Visual FX Head), Jason Hujber (Creative Director), and Robert Fresco (Cinematographer), Gloo Studios has worked with top companies such as College Humor, OHSAH (Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare in BC) and Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Southern Alberta, among others.

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