November 21, 2008 09:39 ET

Digimind releases "D.7 Discovery" version

GRENOBLE, FRANCE--(Marketwire - November 21, 2008) - Starting Oct. 14th, 2008, Digimind customers will benefit from novel corpus-based and self-learning discovery techniques helping them in unveiling yet unknown competitors, rumors, and new products entering their markets.

From web-search to discovery

For many years, competitive and market intelligence professionals benefited from automated tools to monitor their competitors, technologies, patenting activities and product launches. Indeed, to leverage on a constant increase of digital information, it requires looking at hundreds even thousands web sites, blogs, RSS feeds, invisible web sites to obtain optimal market awareness and to lead the competitive edge.

Still, web-monitoring efficiency relies on the fundamental assertion intelligence practitioners know what to look at. What about new rumors deploying on social networks, what about rising trends, emerging players, new products, new web-sources, and new technologies®

Based on novel analysis and visualization techniques, "D7 Discovery" version today combines the power of automated web-monitoring and automated identification of yet unknown concepts to help intelligence practitioners unveiling uprising signals and actors in their field at the earliest possible stage.

Advanced and self-learning analysis techniques

Based on advanced text mining and self-learning concept analysis techniques, the " Digimind 7 Discovery " version complements current Digimind tool suite: From dynamic corpus-based creation of lexicons to interactive real-time clustering maps, intelligence practitioners can visualize links between concepts (companies, products, opinion leaders, and buzz) and identify emerging factors in their market space.

Because information sharing is critical to the competitive intelligence function, the analysis results are designed to be readable by individuals not versed into competitive intelligence practices and interested in exportable to reports and dashboards.

At the heart of today's competitive intelligence

"The Digimind Company always listened to its customers for future product development" states Chris Hote, Digimind inc. president. "In that regard, the D.7 Discovery version reflects the state of the art of tools to support the competitive intelligence workflow from automated data retrieval to information management, information analysis and dissemination. We are proud and thankful to associate our customers to the success of the Discovery version that has been already adopted prior to official launch."

About Digimind


With a customer base exceeding 200 mostly on the Fortune Global 500, Digimind is the leading provider of market intelligence software and is ranked among the Deloitte Technology FAST 500. The Digimind solution enables companies to understand and anticipate changes in their strategic environment, through the continual and comprehensive tracking and real-time analysis of all information stemming from - or concerning - the key players in their market.


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