Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute

Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute

October 31, 2007 15:54 ET

Dion Trails Harper and Layton on Foreign Affairs and Defense: Poll

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 31, 2007) - A poll commissioned by the Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI) shows that Canadians feel that both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP leader Jack Layton are better representatives of Canada on the world stage than Stephane Dion. The national poll conducted by Greg Lyle of the Innovative Research Group Inc. (Innovative) was presented during CDFAI's Annual Conference which was held on Monday in Ottawa. The theme of this year's conference was "Canada as an Emerging Energy Superpower - Testing the Case".

The CDFAI poll showed that 38% of Canadians feel that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the best leader to represent Canada on the world stage; NDP leader Jack Layton received 16% support; Liberal leader Stephane Dion was at 15%; Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe received 5% and Elizabeth May of the Green Party was at 3%.

"The theme of this year's conference is very timely," said David Bercuson, CDFAI's Director of Programs. "Prime Minister Harper has stated that Canada is an energy superpower. We wanted to examine this idea and what it may mean for Canada. Canadians are very aware of their nation's prominence in the international energy community, and the impact that decisions made here at home have on the world's energy supply."

The CDFAI poll also showed that amongst decided voters the Conservatives (37%) enjoy a healthy 10 point lead over the Liberals (27%). The NDP were at 15% followed by the Bloc and Green parties at 9% each.

Other results showed that Canadians are supportive of the energy superpower concept (57%), but remain divided over what to do with that energy wealth.

In addition to the poll, participants at CDFAI annual conference were presented with a paper commissioned by the Institute prepared by Annette Hester examining the notion of Canada as an "Energy Superpower" available at.

The CDFAI poll was a national online poll conducted by Innovative to explore the issues surrounding the theme of the annual conference. The poll is available at

The survey focuses on the following areas:

1. Canada as an Emerging Superpower

2. The Kyoto Accord

3. Canada's Energy Wealth

4. Critical Infrastructure Protection

5. Canada/U.S. Relations

6. The Arctic

The online survey was conducted among current members of Innovative's Canada 20/20 panel between October 15 and 21, 2007. The study included 1038 responses eligible for inclusion in their analysis. After weighting a sample of this size the aggregated results are considered accurate to within +/- 1.2 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, of what they would have been had a representative cross-section of Canadians eligible to vote been polled.

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