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November 21, 2007 08:30 ET

Dipix Introduces Intelligent Material Handling

Offering for Manufactured Food Products Reduces Waste and Labor Costs, While Ensuring Delivery of a Highly Consistent Product

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 21, 2007) - Dipix Technologies Inc., a Tarquin Group company (TSX VENTURE:TQN), today announced its new Intelligent Materials Handling technology for manufactured food products, coupled with its first two intelligent material handling products the AutoLaner and the Smart Counter. This offering provides packaged food producers with complete systems that know the exact state of product, where it is, how fast it is traveling on the conveyor and in which orientation. By combining this information with automation, Dipix enables streamlined manufacturing operations, which reduce waste and labour cost, while ensuring the delivery of a highly consistent product.

Regardless of size, manufactured food product operations are under ongoing pressure to increase productivity and profitability, all while they are seeing increases in raw material and energy consumption costs, rising emphasis on food safety and quality assurance, and mounting regulatory requirements. Working closely with major customers, Dipix has evolved its product offering toward a complete, vision of integrated Intelligent Material Handling that includes a range of automation products for different bakery product lines including Inspection Systems, AutoLaners and the recently announced Smart Counter.

"We began our collaboration with Dipix over a year ago to solve an over-pack problem," said Jim Moss, Engineering Manager at General Mills, Trenton plant. "The Dipix Smart Counter provides highly accurate box-counts for different product without mechanical change-over, and integrates automated inspection and rejection. It went in smoothly and operates so consistently in our facility that we just don't have to pay much attention to it."

Dipix Technologies has over 240 automatic inspections systems successfully installed world wide in a variety of bakery facilities. These vision systems allow accurate and objective product evaluation and permit two important additional capabilities, significant payback through down-stream intelligent material handling and rapid identification of significant faults for root cause correction. This powerful combination of systems enable organizations to achieve far more accurate delivery of fully in-spec product to downstream equipment such as baggers and slicers, and compensate for jamming and bottlenecks, while eliminating human intervention in inspection and handling tasks.

"Dipix's platform provides us with the intelligence required at the macro and micro level of our operation," said Richard Irvin, Complex Manager at Tyson Mexican Original. "The level of detail enables us to make smart decisions on a day-to-day basis and quickly make required changes on the floor. The end result is less wastage and a better product, all of which contributes to our bottom line."

Dipix's Intelligent Materials Handling offering includes the following:

- Inspection Systems (Customized to plant product line): These are turn-key systems that can be easily inserted into production lines in order to continuously measure critical size, shape and color measurements of fast moving objects. The basic difference between these systems is the width of the inspection area (i.e., production line conveyor width).

- AutoLaner: The Dipix AutoLaner is a series of PLC-controlled lanes that divides a random stream of products such as buns equally into multiple lanes (typically four or six). It is normally installed immediately before the slicer/indexer, and seamlessly replaces a section of existing conveyor.

- Smart Counter: The industry's first fully integrated system to inspect, reject, count and group frozen dough and par-baked product. The Smart Counter is designed for material handling situations in which it is not practical or desirable to singulate the product (put the product into a single-file stream), and for facilities where rapid changeover to different shaped or sized articles is required.

For more information on Dipix's Intelligent Material Handling Platform, please visit www.dipix.com.

About Dipix

Dipix Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Tarquin Group Inc. (TSX VENTURE:TQN), pioneered the use of vision technology to solve material handling problems in food manufacturing plants. The company integrates leading edge optical inspection with mechanical handling and management reporting to deliver the industry's best vision-based quality inspection systems. Coupled with information from these systems, automation allows Dipix to provide solutions to common and costly material handling problems. Dipix systems are used by leading manufactured food companies to reduce operating costs and waste, pinpoint process errors, reduce variability, and increase the volume of in-spec delivered goods. Dipix has over 200 installations in high volume manufacturers of processed foods - including many major international corporations. The company was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Ottawa Canada. For more information, visit www.dipix.com.

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