April 13, 2010 03:09 ET

Do you know the most popular mobile website in your market? QAim and TNS Gallup launch new mobile media measurement service

ESPOO, FINLAND--(Marketwire - April 13, 2010) - QAim, specialised in mobile customer experience management and interaction analysis, and full service research company TNS Gallup have agreed to launch a mobile media measurement service package. The service was selected by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) as the national solution and will be used by the media industry to standardise mobile measurements in Finland. In the partnership, QAim will provide its CEM4Mobile technology, while TNS Gallup contributes by validating visitor statistics, provides user support and market the service. The vendors have strong plans to internationalise the offering.

For customers, this enables transparent, comparative and independent monitoring of the use of their services, helping them to improve services in line with users' needs. Commonly agreed and comparable visitor statistics will support the growth of mobile websites, speed up sales of mobile media and enable mobile content services to be developed quickly. Consumers will benefit as mobile services expand their features and the user experience improves.

The need for mobile media measurement has increased as digital services become more widespread and the market for mobile content services experiences strong growth. The industry has been looking for commonly agreed ways of reliably measuring and monitoring visitor numbers and other statistics for a long time.

The media measurement service to be created by the partnership is based on QAim's technology and besides visitor statistics includes CEM4Mobile Analytics software (, which will enable service providers to analyse and optimise their mobile services by collecting and analysing data on the interaction between end users and services in real time. These analyses will help service providers to understand customer behaviour and enable them to better manage factors affecting interaction and the user experience. Operating mobile services is known to be many times more difficult than web services due to the wide range of handsets alone.

The international TNS Group is a world leader in media audience measurement, including Internet audience measurement, as well as press, radio and television measurement.

"QAim is the global number one in mobile service analysis."

"When it comes to analysing and reporting mobile use, QAim is the global number one," says TNS Gallup Business Unit Director Seppo Roponen explaining their choice of the small Espoo technology house as a partner for the global research giant. A good example of the importance of analysis was demonstrated by TNS Gallup's latest survey, which, contrary to expectations, uncovered some surprising results. For example, although mobile websites are traditionally targeted at people on the move and for use when travelling, they are in fact usually used by people alone and in the home.

QAim CEO Janne Aalto is pleased that the world's largest media measurement company wants to work with QAim.

"We're naturally proud of our achievement and excited about the opportunities offered by the partnership. We believe that the joint service will be successful internationally as well as in Finland because use of mobile services is soaring and there is a widespread need for measurement services," Aalto comments.

TNS Gallup will be responsible for marketing and selling the new service and for providing user support. According to Seppo Roponen from TNS Gallup, the Nordic countries lead the world in monitoring digital services.

Further information:

CEO Janne Aalto, QAim Oy, tel. +358 (0)40 822 3223

Business Unit Director Seppo Roponen, TNS Gallup Oy, tel. +358 (0)43 820 0714

QAim Oy is a Finnish world-class expert in mobile customer experience management for mobile content and value added services. QAim provides software solutions and services for companies large and small which develop, produce or distribute mobile services. QAim's CEM4Mobile offering enables companies to measure and analyse data on the interaction between end users and mobile services, optimise their business and ensure successful customer relations.

TNS Gallup Oy is a full service research company whose strategic starting points are research know-how, expertise in the fields in which customers operate, and tested, international research solutions. TNS Gallup is part of the international TNS Group, the world's largest producer of marketing information based on survey research. TNS operates in over 110 countries and has over 14,000 employees, 170 in Finland.

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