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August 01, 2006 19:53 ET

Domain Assurance Council Founding Members Display Scope of Important Market for Domain-Based Reputation and Certification

TRUMANSBURG, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 1, 2006 -- The newly-formed Domain Assurance Council (DAC) today announced its Founding Members, a diverse group of five companies that are already leaders in the emerging field of helping email receivers know who is sending them mail.

"DAC's members already have proven their value to mail senders and recipients for many years," said John Levine, co-director of DAC. "Their participation is a logical extension of what they already do; there are many facets in this emerging industry and lots of room for new players."

"The significant thing here is that these founding members, and the companies and organizations that we expect to join in the coming months, are working on common standards that will benefit everyone on the Internet," said Paul Hoffman, the other co-director of DAC. "DAC's members are already important as individual companies, and they will become all the more important as a group."

DAC's Founding Members

The five founding members of DAC are Goodmail Systems, Habeas, IronPort Systems, Return Path, and Trend Micro. The membership list can be found on the DAC website at

Goodmail Systems (

Goodmail created the CertifiedEmail service, the widely-trusted standard in email certification, to provide a safe and reliable class of email for the benefit of consumers, legitimate senders and mailbox providers. The Goodmail CertifiedEmail service offers a new class of email that will help shield consumers from fraud and phishing. Goodmail's executives are respected and trusted by key thought leaders in the industry and have become a major voice in the dialog on solving the vexing problems that affect the email ecosystem.

"Goodmail Systems believes that it is imperative for trust to be restored to email," said David Atlas, VP Marketing for Goodmail Systems, Inc. "Authentication of email provides a means for users to be sure a message is really from whom it purports to be."

Habeas (

Habeas is an email trust authority that re-establishes email as a reliable business communications medium. Habeas enables commercial email senders to certify their communications as legitimate, and helps ISPs and message security vendors make better, more efficient decisions about how to sort inbound mail. By aggregating, analyzing, and categorizing the reputation of millions of email senders around the globe, Habeas is making sure legitimate email gets delivered while spam does not. Habeas Solutions for Senders include best practices certification, Internet whitelisting, and email monitoring services that improve delivery to over a quarter of a million email servers at major Fortune 1000 companies and leading ISPs.

"Habeas is delighted to help found such an important and groundbreaking organization," said JF Sullivan, vice president of marketing and products for Habeas Inc. "Messaging reputation is emerging as a critical part of the email ecosystem, and we want to make sure that the key industry vendors collaborate on open standards to accelerate adoption and innovation in a way that benefits the entire Internet community."

IronPort Systems (

IronPort is a leading gateway security provider for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. The company has developed a family of security gateway appliances, including the IronPort C-Series email security appliance, and the IronPort S-Series Web Security Appliance. All IronPort application-specific security gateway appliances offer breakthrough performance, and utilize SenderBase, one of the world's largest email and Web threat detection network and database.

"For three years our industry has been working on authenticated email -- knowing a message really came from the purported sender," said Patrick Peterson, Vice President, Technology, for IronPort Systems. "By championing the technology to provide trust information for authenticated domains, DAC can instill the necessary confidence and accelerate widespread adoption."

Return Path (

Return Path, an email performance management company, has focused on making email work better for businesses, receivers and consumers since 1999. Return Path's Sender Score platform increases email deliverability for businesses by identifying and correcting reputation-based email problems. Return Path analyzes data for millions of IP addresses and assigns Sender Scores used by marketers to improve delivery and receivers to improve filtering decisions. For companies with high email reputations, the Sender Score Certified accreditation program boosts delivery to more than 123,000 domains. Return Path's delivery experts continually strive to make sure legitimate email gets delivered by innovating new anti-spam solutions.

"The email industry needs a leading voice to help implement accreditation and reputation services with domain authentication protocols, and DAC will serve as that," says George Bilbrey, general manager of Return Path's Delivery Assurance Solutions. "By helping create an environment where DKIM can be successful, we will help both receivers and senders better identify good and bad senders."

Trend Micro (

Trend Micro Incorporated is a pioneer in secure content and threat management. Founded in 1988, Trend Micro provides individuals and organizations of all sizes with award-winning security software, hardware and services that help protect them from threats such as viruses, spam, and spyware. To combat spam, Trend Micro offers multiple layers of inbound and outbound email protection at various points in the network in addition to providing hosted email services and IP reputation services. With headquarters in Tokyo and operations in more than 30 countries, Trend Micro solutions are sold through corporate and value-added resellers and service providers worldwide.

"Trend Micro has a long history of delivering security products and services to mail senders and recipients, supplemented now through the acquisition of the former Kelkea unit and its respected anti-spam technologies and hosted IP reputation services," said John Maddison, Senior Business Director, Trend Micro Network Security Services Group. "We expect to continue to innovate within the framework of DAC's collaborative process for working on common standards that will benefit everyone on the Internet."

DAC has four types of members. Full members are organizations that do mail sender certification. Client members are organizations that send certified mail (typically clients of one or more Full members). Technology members are organizations that provide mail software and other technology that supports mail certification and reputation. ISP members are organizations that use mail certification to process their incoming mail. DAC expects to have many new members in all four categories, particularly ISP members, in the near future.

About the Domain Assurance Council

The Domain Assurance Council ( is a cross-industry collaboration formed in July 2006 to simplify organizations' access to accreditation and reputation services. DAC works to develop a standard method for members to provide reputation information for email so that receivers can be assured that the domain that says it is sending the mail is in fact responsible for that mail.

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