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October 06, 2005 11:10 ET

Don't Let Heartburn Spoil Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Shoppers Drug Mart HealthWATCH® Pharmacists offer health information and advice through the Let's talk™ program Attention: Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 6, 2005) - How many times have you felt the uncomfortable sensation of heartburn - that burning feeling in the upper part of your stomach or lower chest that rises towards the throat, perhaps after a large or spicy meal? With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about heartburn and ways to prevent or treat it.

Most people have some experience with heartburn. A recent Decima Research poll on heartburn indicates that 40% of Canadians don't think this condition is serious. The top three reasons given by Canadians as leading causes of heartburn are spicy food (34%), being under a lot of stress (22%) and eating greasy or fatty foods (17%).

Heartburn is often just a sign of stomach upset, and not necessarily caused by a condition such as a stomach ulcer. However there are quite a few triggers for heartburn and some can be signs of more serious health issues that require medical treatment. Only 13% of Canadians are aware that an underlying medical condition (such as peptic ulcer disease) can lead to symptoms of heartburn.

Who can you speak to about heartburn relief?
While it is important for people over the age of 50 who develop heartburn for the first time to see a doctor in order to be sure that more serious problems aren't present, a pharmacist is an excellent source of information. Shoppers Drug Mart HealthWATCH® Pharmacists can recommend remedies for treating heartburn, as well as provide advice about when it's important to consult a family physician.

Canadians shouldn't let heartburn interfere with their Thanksgiving holiday. Shoppers Drug Mart HealthWATCH Pharmacists have the most current information about heartburn and other important digestive health issues. They can help select the appropriate medicine for those who happen to overindulge (and who doesn't during the holidays?!). Enjoy Thanksgiving with the help of a HealthWATCH Pharmacist and the health information available through HealthWATCH Let's talk(TM) "Heartburn Relief" program.

Rose Patodia, a HealthWATCH® Pharmacist, is available to talk about heartburn and provide your listeners/readers/viewers with helpful and timely tips to help them prevent and/or treat heartburn and other important digestive health issues.

A Few HealthWATCH Let's talk "Heartburn Relief" Tips:
* Know and avoid the food and drink that may trigger your symptoms of heartburn or indigestion
* Eat slowly and enjoy your food
* Wear loose-fitting clothes or loosen your belt or waistband if possible
* Quit smoking or reduce the use of cigarettes and nicotine products
* Exercise to help reduce stress levels and keep your body relaxed
* Limit your alcohol intake
* Do not lay down immediately after eating
* Visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart and speak with a HealthWATCH Pharmacist

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