November 16, 2009 09:00 ET

Don't Let Indoor Allergens Turn You Into a Scrooge This Holiday Season

Air Purifiers Can Help Reduce Indoor Allergens and Help Keep You in the Holiday Spirit

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - November 16, 2009) - While many consumers eagerly await the moment they can decorate their Christmas trees, for some others, particularly those with allergies and asthma, the holiday spirit can be dampened by sensitivities and reactions to the trees and holiday trimmings in their homes. Allergies and asthma can be triggered by mold on wet and decaying trees and dust on artificial trees, wreaths and ornaments. To help affected consumers breathe a little easier this holiday season, Kaz, marketers of Honeywell Air Purifiers, offers the following tips:

1.   Hose down your live Christmas tree, and let it dry out, sheltered, for
at least a week if possible before bringing it inside the home.  In
addition, consider limiting the amount of time you keep a live tree indoors
after the holidays, as it can emit mold spores into the air.
2.   To eliminate dust and mold that may have accumulated on artificial
trees and seasonal decorations stored over the last year, wash all fabrics,
and clean all other decorations before decking the halls.
3.   Be aware of sensitivities to candles and potpourri, and ensure your
room is properly ventilated if you will be burning wood in your fireplace,
as smoke can sometimes trigger an asthma attack.
4.   Use a portable air purifier in the areas of the home where you've
placed Christmas trees and decorations, such as the living areas where the
family congregates.  Effective portable air purifiers, such as Honeywell
air purifiers, capture up to 99 percent of airborne particles that pass
through their filters, trapping allergens such as mold spores, smoke, dust,
pollen and pet dander.  Portable air purifiers circulate the air in a room,
usually several times per hour, reducing stuffy, stale air and releasing
cleaner, fresher air back into the room.  

Note to editors: Cheri Wright, marketing director for Kaz Inc., marketer of portable Honeywell Home Comfort Products, is available for interviews and can share tips on which types of home air purifiers are best for which consumers and how Americans can easily and affordably improve their indoor air quality this holiday season.

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