SOURCE: Mariposa Leadership, Inc.

December 03, 2007 13:15 ET

Don't Wait -- Create Your Legacy Now!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 3, 2007) - All too many leaders wait until just before retirement to start thinking about their legacy. Waiting until your 50s or 60s to formulate your legacy is too little too late. So what can leaders do today, to begin crafting a lasting legacy for tomorrow?

Legacy work is different from corporate strategy or planning, and it requires big picture thinking. Not in terms of growth or direction, but rather about the influence leaders have on colleagues, employees, and the overall business. Legacy work also requires reflecting on personal values, and making sure they align with the values of the company.

Sue Bethanis, Founder/CEO of Mariposa Leadership, Inc., states, "It's important for leaders to begin thinking about their legacy the day they get hired. Retirement is too late." She goes on to say, "By doing so, leaders greatly increase their ability to create a legacy that will stand the test of time." She offers three things to consider:

Start now - Schedule time now to begin crafting two legacy statements -- one for your personal legacy and one for your team or business.

Focus on values - What are the values you live by? What is your greatest gift, or skill, as a leader? What are you most known for now, and what do you want to be remembered for? What do you want to be known for that you are not known for currently?

Think long term - What do you see the world being like five years? How will technology affect, and how will your company contribute to, the global business marketplace? How will your team influence your company, and your industry?

It's never too early to begin crafting your legacy. Do yourself and your company a favor by starting today. Don't become another leader that gets caught saying "I wish I would have..." Act now to create your lasting legacy!

Susan J. Bethanis, Ed.D., is the Founder/CEO of Mariposa Leadership, Inc., author of Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage, and host of the popular leadership forum Wise Talk.

Mariposa Leadership, Inc. offers premier leadership coaching services to high-tech, biotech, and financial industries.

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