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February 10, 2010 16:40 ET

Dover Hydraulics Grows Business With Custom New Cylinders

DOVER, OH--(Marketwire - February 10, 2010) - Dover Hydraulics attributes its recent growth in manufacturing custom new hydraulic cylinders to its experience as America's comprehensive hydraulic repair and service company and its computerized performance tracking system.

With nearly 30 years of hydraulics service experience in manufacturing, off-highway, mining, marine and other heavy industries, Dover frequently is asked to build custom new cylinders to replace older cylinders no longer performing at their peaks.

The company's computerized DATS -- Dover Automated Tracking System -- is a tool that benefits customers facing big decisions on their hydraulic cylinders.

"On many occasions, customers ask us to engineer a better custom new cylinder because they are experiencing repeated failures of their old cylinders," said J.C. Raies, Dover's director of sales and marketing. "We use our DATS to track and analyze the causes of the failures. This history often indicates a fundamental problem that can only be resolved with a custom new cylinder."

Raies said Dover Hydraulics uses the information recorded on its DATS to dictate the design of new cylinders.

"The result is Dover Hydraulics engineers improvements over the older cylinders to make them perform better and last longer," Raies said. "This fast, professional service for which we are known in our standard service work is delivered on our new custom hydraulic cylinders."

Dover Hydraulics has seen every kind of situation and circumstance, and the resulting experience is beneficial in the design and manufacture of new custom cylinders. Engineers and technicians analyze breakdowns and failures, and deliver engineering solutions that result in fixing root causes, not just the worn or broken parts. The company also operates a comprehensive testing center to ensure new cylinders are ready to go on line in customers' operations.

Dover Hydraulics custom new cylinder experience runs the gamut, including steel mill melt shop regulation cylinders, custom telescopic cylinders for scrap handling mobile equipment, welded construction heavy-duty cylinders for tunnel boring machinery, and grapple cylinders for scrap machines.

All hydraulic repair, reconditioning and replacement part needs can be fulfilled through Dover Hydraulics' Dover, Ohio, and St. George, S.C., locations.

Dover Hydraulics' capabilities include service to steel mills, coke plants, scrap yards, underground mining, mobile and construction equipment, amusements parks, offshore/marine shipping and cranes, oil, gas and water well drilling; and marine diesel engines.

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