April 10, 2007 10:00 ET

Drowning in Research This Finals Season? New Free Online Tool Gives Students More Time to Focus on Writing Papers, Less Time Managing Resources and Formatting Bibliographies

BOSTON--(Collegiate Presswire - April 10, 2007) - April final season is in full swing and the end of the semester is looming, meaning graduate and undergraduate students are spending hours in the library or in front of their computers as they study for exams and work on final papers. Writing a paper or working on a thesis is hard enough without worrying about organizing source material and formulating bibliographies. Now, there's a new, free and easy to use online academic research tool called that's here to help. jump-starts the research process by helping you find relevant sources that are rated and reviewed by its community, better organize your research (in much the same way iTunes helps us organize our music), and interact with students who share your academic interests.

Researching and writing a paper is a difficult and time-consuming process for most of us. Often the hardest part is simply getting started. You can do a search on Google Scholar, Jstor or Lexis Nexis, for example, and find thousands of possible sources - but until you locate and start reading each source, it's hard to gauge their relevance for your paper.

With, students can save time, stay organized and take the hassle out of the research process by:

* Creating bibliographies in just seconds and inserting properly formatted footnotes or parenthetical citations -- without any of the usual frustrations.

* Organizing sources from past work by easily uploading bibliographies.

* Bookmarking URLs and import citations in project lists from sources such as Google Scholar, Jstor and Lexis Nexis with just the click of a mouse.

* Batch searching library catalogs online and printing out Word document "shopping lists" with each source and where it is located -- or simply reserving research sources online.

* Breaking down academic "silos" to connect and collaborate with like-minded students by creating groups based on their academic interests. takes the power of social networking and puts it to use in an academic setting to enable students to create study groups, share sources, and build their own calendar of events.

In short, gives students back their time and lets them focus on getting their papers written - not on the unproductive and time-intensive logistics of organizing bibliographies and managing resources.

The Idea Behind was founded by Jonathan Edson, a former America Online executive who left the corporate world for graduate school at Harvard. While at Harvard, Edson was surprised to find that there was not a collection of easy to use Web tools to help him with his research. Through this experience, he created the idea for a site dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to make students' lives easier and more rewarding.

"There are great Internet tools that let us manage our pictures, our music, just about anything you can think of," said Edson, "Given how important and how hard school work can be, I felt there should be great Internet tools to help make everyone's academic work simpler and more effective. has put together an integrated package of utilities and community tools that deliver on that promise. Our tools, like the ability to bookmark academic sources you find online or the ability to find out what other students think of different sources, are designed to revolutionize the way students manage their academic lives in the same way that Facebook dramatically altered how they manage their social lives."

About is a free website dedicated to making students' lives easier and richer by providing them with productivity and collaboration tools that allow them to get their work done faster, and make friends along the way. The site features a suite of online tools that help jump-start the research process by helping graduate and undergraduate students find relevant sources that are rated and reviewed by the community, better organize their research, and interact with students who share their academic interests. Students who want to reclaim their time and focus on their studies simply visit to get started.

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